The Hidden Truth About Dominic Sherwood Eyes, Is Different Colored Pupils A Condition?

Dominic Sherwood is a British actor
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A reputed British actor Dominic Sherwood is recognized chiefly for his role in several indie movies and television series.

His role in the fantasy horror vampire movie Vampire Academy as Christian Ozera is one of his most talked about characters. Sherwood made his acting debut in 2010 when he played Jack Simmons in The Cut's third season. 

In addition, the Sadie J episode "Cherylistic" the following year, he made a cameo appearance as a waiter named Tom. He played a youthful Mick Jagger in the drama movie Not Fade Away in 2012, which featured a modest part for him. 

'Something Unique' Dominic Sherwood Multi Colored Eyes - Is It A Condition?

According to his Wikipedia page, the 32-year-old talented English actor has a rare condition in his eyes called sectoral heterochromia.

Fans have noticed the difference in the color of his eyes. He has one blue eye, and another one is split between blue and brown. Heterochromia is a variation in the color of the iris. 

It might be total or sectoral. In complete heterochromia, each iris has a distinct hue. In sectoral heterochromia, a portion of an iris has a particular shade from the rest. The pupil may have a ring around it or even spikes of various hues that radiate from it in central heterochromia.

Most occurrences of heterochromia are entirely benign and unrelated to any illness, being inherited or genetically induced by conditions like chimerism. However, certain cases are linked to specific diseases and syndromes. Occasionally, sickness or injury may cause one eye's color to change.

However, Dominic Sherwood has not shed light on this regard, whether the Partner Track star has the condition from his birth or some unprecedented injury caused it.

Dominic Sherwood Eyes are different in color
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Dominic Sherwood Health Issues and Illness

Aside from his rare eye condition, which does not seem to bother him and his well-being, Dominic Sherwood is all good and has no further health issues or illnesses.

He is more than alive, along with his parking career. Sherwood began co-hosting Return to the Shadows, a podcast about watching the Shadowhunters again, on April 11, 2022. Katherine McNamara will play his co-star.

The newly premiered Netflix series Partner Track, based on the same-named novel by Helen Wan, also has Sherwood as a leading man. The first season of the Partner Track series aired on August 26, 2022, and was met with positive reviews from fans and critics.

He anticipates getting the Covid-19 vaccination in 2021 and being able to travel and temporarily leave Los Angeles. Sherwood has traveled with his friend Matt and Alberto across the globe. 

Dominic Sherwood Has The Perfect Human Face

Sherwood, 32, has the perfect human face. The Perfect Human Face website mathematically sees the British actor with the most accurate human face. 

The website rated his face 9.69 out of 10. The Harmony of Facial features, a perfectly structured jawline, and a fitted forehead all contributed to his face as the perfect face among men. 

Meanwhile, actress Amber Heard has the most perfectly symmetrical face among women worldwide.

Dominic Sherwood has the perfectly shaped human face
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Dominic Sherwood Personal Life, Who is His Girlfriend?

The tall and handsome actor has a long list of women in his dating history. At present, he is in a loving relationship with actress Decker Sadowski.

The blonde hair actress is known for playing in "Juniper" and, most notably, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine." The two have been seeing each other since 2021. Previously from 2015 to 2017, Sherwood was romantically linked to his Vampire Academy co-star Sarah Hyland.

A year after he broke up with Sarah, in 2018, Sherwood found Niamh Adkins as a love interest. However, the relationship ended abruptly, shortly after they started dating. 

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