Why Does MSNBC Reporter Tim Miller Wear Pearls, Is It A LGBTQ Symbol?

Tim Miller wears a pearls necklace which led many to assume it as LGBTQ symbol.
Source : msnbc

Does MSNBC analyst Tim Miller wear a pearl necklace as a symbol of LGBTQ, or does it mean something else?

After netizens became obsessed with why he was wearing a pearl necklace while live on MSNBC, he tweeted, "The pearls are taking daytime cable news by storm," on January 13, 2022.

Hundreds of explanations poured in, with many believing it held LGBTQ sentiment. A few believe it to be a gift or a family heirloom.

Miller has hinted as to why he wears a pear necklace, even though he has not outright said it.

To know exactly why he wears a pearl necklace and its meaning, continue scrolling.

Quick Facts On Tim Miller

HusbandTyler Jameson (LGBTQ Partner)
Net Worth1.5 Million Dollars
Marital StatusMarried
ChildrenToulouse Anne

Why Does Tim Miller Wear A Pearl Necklace? Is It An LGBTQ Symbol?

MSNBC reporter Tim Miller wears a pearl necklace because it was a Christmas gift.

When asked why he wears a pearl necklace, Tim jokingly replied it was a costume inspiration for a dark comedy.

"Might be costuming inspiration for oh…idk…a handsome homosexual sociopath in maybe…just spitballing here…a dark comedy serial about political journalism? One idea." 


Miller may have received the pearls as a gift because it does seem to have an LGBTQ sentiment. 

One of Miller's fan were spot on with their guesses. "were they a xmas gift? i seem to remember you mentioning on the next level that you received jewelry for xmas. love them!"

Miller has donned the pearl necklace more than one time. His fans noticed it for the first time in The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle when he was talking about former President Donald Trump and the Capitol attack.

Within seconds, fans' eyes dropped to the pearl resting on his neck and became enamored with his look. 

What Does It Mean If Guys Wear Pearls?

If a guys wear pearls, it probably means he is part of the LGBTQ community.

It could also be he wants to be part of a fashion trend or he just likes pearls.

More often than not, people belonging to the LGBTQ community wear pearl necklaces to show they are proud members.

Over time, this has become a trend, not only for people who actually belong to the group but also for people who want to show support to the LGBTQ community. 


As an open member of the LGBTQ, Tim Miller had fans guessing his reason for wearing a pearl necklace was something related to who he identifies as.

But, in the case of Tim Miller, the political consultant wears pearl necklaces on TV, because he probably likes it. 

Is Tim Miller Wearing A Pear Necklace As A Fashion Trend?

Although it was a Christmas gift, Tim Miller may wear a pearl necklace as a fashion trend.

I think we can now safely say a man wearing pearls is mainstream. He is the only one who has worn the jewelry. In 2021, the men who pranced around with pearls layered around their neck are Romero Jennings and Frederick Anderson, to name a few.

Romero Jennings, Director of Makeup Artistry for Mac Cosmetics, was seen backstage at the Frederick Anderson S/S 2022 New York Fashion Week Show with a simple pearl around his neck. Kenneth Delio Loo wore a similar piece at the Tombogo  S/S NYFW Show. A model wore his pearls backstage before the Tanner Fletcher F/W 2022 NYFW.

One can't put meaning behind every jewelry, fashion trend, tattoo, and in this case, a pearl necklace. But wearing pearl necklaces has been a trend to symbolize LGBTQ.

Though some have loved his fashion choice, not everyone seems happy with it.

One fan on Twitter tweeted, "Tim, I appreciate your commentary on The Bulwark. But I personally think your pearls are silly and reduce your credibility."

Tim Miller Husband And Children: Is He Married?

Tim Miller is married to his husband Tyler Jameson. They are parents to daughter, Toulouse Anne.

Miller's only child was born on January 3, 2018.

His husband, Tyler Jameson, is the current Vice President of Government Relations at Impossible Foods. Jameson is not the only child of his parents, Ann and Kent Jameson.

Miller's husband is a Virginia native and was born on February 22, 1985, as the second-born child of his parents. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Sociology from Shepherd University after graduating in 2006.

Tim and Tyler have been together since 2013. After going on hundreds of dates and holidays with his partner Tim, the two became a lawfully wedded couple in 2018. Tyler was 33 years old at the time of the wedding.

Is Tim Miller Republican Or Democrat? Net Worth 2022

Tim Miller has been a Republican his whole life.

Starting in his 20s, Miller worked for several Republican campaigns in the early phases. In 2016, the political consultant was named the communications director for the Presidential campaign of Jeb Bush,

Unfortunately, Bush didn't go through with his campaign as it ended in several months.

Furthermore, Miller has been an open critic of former President Donald Trump. Even though Miller is a Republican, he has never been a fan of the ways of the former president.

As of 2020, Tim Miller has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million, according to several sources on the internet.

Some FAQs

Why does Tim Miller wear pearls?

Tim Miller wears a pearl necklace because it is a Christmas gift and it holds LGBTQ sentiment.

Is Tim Miller married?

Tim Miller is married to his husband Tyler Jameson. The are parents to daughter, Toulouse Anne.

What does it mean if guys wear pearls?

If a guys wear pearls, it probably means he is part of the LGBTQ community. It could also be he wants to be part of a fashion trend, or he just likes pearls.