Who Is Theonecornelia TikTok? Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki


Theonecornelia is a TikTok user who has shared a video of domestic violence on her Tiktok account. Her recent video about the domestic violence that her ex-husband committed has garnered attention

Additionally, she has other videos on her Tiktok account.TikTok is a social media site where users may create videos on any subject and share them.

With amazing content that people can't get enough of, TikTokers never cease to astound us. People have used Tiktok to communicate their difficulties and get through large crowds of people.

And without a doubt, Theonecornelia, a Tiktok user who shared her issue in videos, attracted attention and everyone is engaged in her issue.

Who Is Theonecornelia On TikTok? 

A TikTok user named Theonecornelia gained notoriety recently after she and her friend shared a video regarding domestic violence committed by his ex-husband.

@theonecornelia This is the reason I wear the bandana... #trauma #healing #blind #hurt #injury #lifechanging #domesticviolencesurvivor #domesticviolance #domesticviolance #god #higherpower #source #creator #miracle ♬ original sound - Shinne

They recently shared a video concerning domestic abuse, and it has received a lot of media attention. People are watching the video and are curious to hear the whole story.

As of this writing, the video they shared had 7.5 million views and 380.2 thousand likes.

On her Tiktok, she also posted other videos, and those films received thousands of views and likes. She has shared unique films in addition to a lip-syncing video.

Her Tiktok username is @theonecornelia. She has 95.9k followers and 652.6k likes.

Theonecornelia TikTok: Woman Shot In Face By Husband Mariusz Burchacki

Theone Cornelia, a tiktok user, has given information concerning the domestic abuse his ex-husband committed.

They posted the video on social media with the caption "This is why I wear a bandana."

The girl released a video in which she described what happened.  She has stated that "When we were both 27, I was lying down breastfeeding my 3-month-old kid. My ex-husband was standing in the doorway and he fired his shotgun and blew my face wide open."

@theonecornelia Reply to @deirdre1013 What happened afterwards.... #domesticviolencesurvivor #domesticviolance #trauma #survivor #miracle #God #friends #lifesaver #lifesaving #inspiration #ex #exhusband ♬ original sound - Shinne

Since they shared a video of the violence, they have had many inquiries as to why his husband committed the act. In the Tiktok videos, they has responded to the query by stating that she is unsure of the reason why her husband did. 

She has also stated that "Forgiveness is the key to healing yourself."

Theonecornelia Tiktok Face Story

As domestic abuse is discussed in the video by Tiktok user @theonecornelia, it has received attention. The girl has shown up on her face where she has worn a prosthetic.

She has stated that after the incident happened it went all black she was fully aware that felt disoriented.

The victim's friend went to call 911 and noticed their daughter was standing in the doorway and she went and got them and take them to the bathroom.

She told their daughter to lock the door and not open it until she call, then her ex-husband was coming out of the bedroom, he was crying and saying his life was over.

He took the gun and threw it down the hallway and she run to the bedroom and take care of the kid.

They both experienced such a terrible occurrence, and the girl is now covered in prosthetics on her face. Looking at the footage, it appears like she is finding it difficult to speak.

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