Meme Of Gavi Warning Thomas Muller Daughter She Will Pay For Talking Too Much About Barcelona Is Trending On Twitter

Thomas Muller, the German football legend poses during the FIFA World Cup portrait session on November 17,2022
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Thomas Muller and his daughter were sent a warning by the Barcelona player Gavi. The 18-year-old star footballer didn't like the comments Muller made against his club.

And this is just one of several memes made by football fans ever since the Catalan club got thrashed by the German giants. At this point, the meeting between the two sides probably gives war flashbacks to the Barca fans. 

For the record, Thomas Muller does not have any children, but he is married to a beautiful lady, Lisa Muller, for the past 13 years. Lisa is also an athlete like her famous husband.

The German legend is always in the middle of these memes created by football fans, as he is the master at this. The man who gave us the classic LewanGOALski meme in 2020, is currently in Qatar, gearing up for the match against Japan in his fourth World Cup tournament.

Meme Of Gavi Warning Thomas Muller Daughter Is Trending On Twitter

The rising star of Barcelona F.C, Gavi, warned Thomas Muller that his daughter would pay for his action as he is talking too much about the Catalan club.

Did he really say that? Not a chance. The 18-year-old is busy in the training camp with the Spanish side, who will take on Costa Rica in their first match of the World Cup 2022.

But it is a meme that indirectly tries to imply that Thomas Muller and his side will always come at the top against the Catalan side as Muller does not have a daughter.

A Twitter user shared a meme of the Barca player Gavi saying that Thomas Muller's daughter will pay for the comments made by her father
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A Twitter user posted a photo of Gavi holding the Kopa Trophy awarded to the world's best under-21 footballer in October with a caption that read: "I don't know why Thomas muller is talking too much about Barcelona, but his daughter will surely pay for that."

Many football fans may know about this meme which originated ever since the Catalan side got thrashed 8-2 by the German giants in the quarter-final of the Champions League in August 2020.

Bayern went on to lift the Champions League trophy that season. And the two giants of football have met four times since that game, and on all of those four occasions, the Catalan side has lost their game miserably.

The memes between the clubs began ever since Barca got thrashed 8-2 by Bayern in 2020 in the Quarterfinal stages of Champions League
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If facing Bayern has become a nightmarish situation for Barca in recent years, for football fans, it has been a delight as they get the chance to use several memes against them.

In the past, the German maverick Thomas Muller has made several comments against Barcelona's side. In 2021 after thrashing them 3-0, Muller said that Barca could cope with their intensity, and in 2022 Muller challenged his ex-teammate in a video. "Lewy, we are coming," said Muller.

And Lewandowski and his team were once again not well prepared as Bayern sent them crashing out of the group stage. So every time Thomas Muller has talked about the Barca side, he has ended up winning the conversation and the game. 

Thomas Muller Children

Thomas Muller does not have any children. The German midfielder has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 13 years.

One of the greats of the game, Thomas Muller, in an interview in 2016, stated that till the time he is a football player, he would refrain from being a dad. It's simply a tough task to do both, according to the World Cup winner.

Thomas Muller clicks a selfie with his wife Lisa Muller and her horse Chucky earlier this year in May after she completes a practice session ahead of the Nurnberger Burg Pokal
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It looks like Lisa is also not in a hurry to have kids, as she is also an athlete. Lisa Muller, the wife of Thomas Muller, is a successful dressage rider.

Just like Lisa is present in the stands to cheer on her husband, Thomas does the same for his wife. On her Instagram handle, Lisa shared photos of Muller visiting her during training sessions and checking up on her horses.

Their pet animals fill the void of not having a kid. Especially by their pet dogs, Marble and a labrador. In addition to their pet dogs, their cute little rabbit, Blume, is also seen accompanying Lisa during her yoga classes.