TikTok 'Chromo Hydrophobic' Meaning As doodledoodledavey Dears Colored Water

Chromo Hydrophobic Is Fear Of Drinking Colored Drinks ( Source : Bevindustry )

A video made by a TikTok user, doodledoodledavey, became viral as he drank multiple soft drinks on the video, citing he has never put a drop of any liquid in his mouth ever because he is Chromohydrophobic.

Throughout the ages, human beings have been the subject of multiple phobias, which are pretty strange in themself. It is quite common to see people fearing height or a closed room, but the phobia mentioned in that video is very rare.

'Chromo Hydrophobic' Meaning As doodledoodledavey Dears Colored Water

A video uploaded by TikTok user doodledoodledavey took the internet by storm in June 2022. The video seems to be a regular taste-test video which is very common among food bloggers. However, the person trying the liquids in that video had never drank anything other than water in his entire life.

@doodledoodledavey I’ve been chromohydrophobic for as long as I can remember. #drpepper #fanta #funny #fyp ♬ original sound - doodledoodledavey

Chromo Hydrophobic is composed of two words, Chromo and Hydrophobic. Chromo means colour in the Greek language. This relates to the colourful beverages Tiktok user claims he cannot consume in the popular video.

Here, the hydrophobic word is to describe the ear of water. A phrase to describe a fear of water, "aquaphobic", is more commonly used than "hydrophobic."

This is because a substance that repels or resists water, like oil, is referred to as hydrophobic in biology. The TikTok user uses a phrase not officially recognized to describe his intolerance of consuming coloured beverages.

Chromohydrophobic Reaction And Trend Videos

The video is made by a TikTok creator named Davey. He has only two videos on his account. Following the success of his 1st video, he uploaded a second video on his id in which he drank multiple water brands and tried to guess their brand. However, one of the glasses contains vodka.

In the viral video, Davey tries soft drinks such as Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Fanta, Dr Pepper, lemonade and a blue slushie. He likes Gatorade the most, giving it a 5 out of 10 ratings. He dislikes all other drinks giving them a rating of less than one. He said that he is Chromo Hydrophobic and fears coloured liquids.

He has gained more than 11 Million views on his taste test video. The second video of his account has got 1.3 Million views. He seems fun-loving as he has written 'future president' on his TikTok bio. The video has been shared widely across various social media platforms. Ten people have made duets on that viral video.