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TikTok: Monz Real Name Age & Instagram Bio Revealed

Monz, a Tiktok user, has created a sensation among social media fans. Who is he? What is his real name? Let's explore some interesting facts about the viral social media influencer.

The internet world has provided people with a platform to show their talent and skills. Every day new people are coming up with something new topic which attracts a larger number of viewers.

Nowadays, the short-video-making app is breaking the internet, and it has now become the most downloaded app in the world, leaving behind Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook and Instagram.

The younger generation has learned how to make the best use of the internet and social media. Similarly, a guy with the username Monz has gone viral recently.

Who Is Monz On Tiktok? Real Name Revealed

Monz is active on Tiktok under the username @internet_breaker. His real name is Monzy Wozny.


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The social media influencer has amassed over 62k followers on the platform while posting only eight videos. Mostly, he made videos on different issues going around the world, including the Ukraine-Russia war, Tesla electric car, etc.

The viral guy hales from Australia and seems to be a retired military man. In one of his videos, he revealed that he served in East Asia during his time in the army.

Similarly, he also makes videos with different girls but always hides their identities. Till now, he hasn't revealed his identity as well.

Monz Age: How Old Is He?

Monz's age seems to be around 45 years old in 2022. He is yet to reveal his birthday.

The Australia-based social media influencer joined the social media platform in 2021 and has uploaded videos since then. Similarly, he runs multiple Tiktok accounts at a time.

Anyway, viewers are finding his videos interesting, and he is getting more popular day by day. He has already received more than 50k likes on his videos.

Meet Monz On Instagram

Monz is active on Instagram under the username @tiktok.monz.

The Australian social media influencer has amassed around 10k followers on the platform. Till now, he has uploaded 28 posts from his account, most of being cars.

Furthermore, the viral Tiktok star seems to be of Arab descent. He frequently visits Dubai, UAE, and he has mentioned Dubai in his several videos. Recently, he has been doing iPhone 13 give-away challenge on Tiktok.