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TikTok Reacts To Kyle Capener Big Brother Accusations, What Did He Say?

Kyle Capener trends on social media after making racist remarks.
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Big Brother contestant Kyle Capener goes into controversy after making racist remarks. On Twitter, a video of him is widely trending.

Capener, 29, is one of season 24's eleven remaining contestants. He is a tech sales from Bountiful, Utah, who is currently worried about alliances in the running season. Continue to know what did he say.

Big Brother: What Did Kyle Capener Say?

Kyle Capener was caught on camera making racist remarks. He said that the participants of different races were working together to defeat white contestants on a live telecast. 

The clip of Capener was found on the show's 24-hour live stream. However, it was not aired by CBS, which ultimately became a subject on Twitter. The drama started when a viewer shared the live footage on social media platforms.

In the clip, Capener directly refers to the previous season's alliance of colored contestants to secure the show's first Black winner. He voiced his fears against another reunion of colored contestants

As quoted in Daily Mail, Capener said: "Those six with that background look very similar to the Cookout, with a very diverse background."

He continued: "They have all expressed why they are in this game. Joseph is more middle eastern representation on TV. Indy, there has never been a Brazilian contestant or winner. Everyone has those whys where they all coincide.'"

However, as the clip spread on social media, viewers picked out further instances of what they perceived to be racism in Capener and charged the show's creators with cutting them out.

TikTok Reacts To Kyle Capener's Big Brother Accusations

Big Brother's viewers have accused the CBS show of editing out Kyle Capener's racist remarks.

Consequently, #KKKyle and #StopProtectingKyle trends on Twitter, are fans protesting against CBS for protecting a racist contestant.

Kyle Capener is trending on Twitter.
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In most of the tweets, the fans have accused CBS of intentionally editing out Capener's words. They also think the channel has hidden the contestant's racist behavior throughout the season.

One user has said: "Mind you, CBS production has given Kyle Capener multiple warnings about his bias and he didn’t care. His own words were ‘we will deal with it after the game’. Yet now they’re coddling him because he’s been caught up and exposed."

The hashtag #StopProtectingKyle began to circulate around Twitter after the clip of Capener emerged.
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Another user, Lisa Bee tweeted: "Kyle Capener has ruined this season. After a horrible start, it somehow managed to get on a good track. But he’s completely derailed it because of  his bigotry. I literally feel sick to my stomach right now."

A fan of the show has said: "Wow KKKyle now explicitly saying that he wants to target all of the racial/ethnic minorities in the house and his biggest fear is them uniting against him. He wants to align with Michael, Brittany, Alyssa and himself."

What Happened To Kyle Capener After Racist Remarks?

Kyle Capener has said he will self-evict after being painted as a racist.

Meanwhile, co-contestants, Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes are trying to expose Capener's white alliance plan.