Who Are Timothy McCord and Dee McMaher? Meet Noella McMaher Parents

Noella McMaher is the youngest trans model from Chicago. ( Source : instagram )

Noella McMaher is a 10-year-old model, assigned male at birth, who now identifies as a proud transgender girl and has embarked on her journey to become a model.

Labeled as the youngest trans model, she has been a runway veteran since she slayed the catwalk at New York Fashion Week and has plans to walk in Paris next year.

McMahen made her debut at NYFW in February; the model from Chicago was the youngest among several trans and non-binary models walking for the Trans Clothing Company.

NameNoella McMaher
Date of Birth 14 November 2011
Age10 years old
Parents Timothy McCord and Dee McMaher

Who Are Noella McMaher Parents?

Timothy McCord and Dee McMaher are the beloved parents of Noella McMaher, who gave her the wings to fly, but the journey wasn't easy.

Noella was aware of her gender identity when she was only two-and-a-half nearing three. Someone would say to her that she was a cute boy, and she would snap back and exclaim that she was a girl, not a boy.

The biological father of  Noella McMaher, Timothy McCord.
The biological father of Noella McMaher, Timothy McCord. ( Source : nypost )

However, her dad Timothy was against her transition and allegedly tried to force the child into boys' pajamas and fractured her arm; he pleaded guilty to a child endangerment charge.

Although having a supportive mother, her father didn't like the idea of her changing her gender at a young age. Moreover, they are divorced, and the scientist has since stayed away from their lives.

Meet Timothy McCord and Dee McMaher

Noella's father, Timothy, is a Chicago-based scientist, and her mother, Dee, now identifies herself as a 'trans masculine male' and cites her young daughter as an inspiration. 

Her parents are nonbinary, and McMaher was the first in the family to acknowledge her identity before anyone else did; her biological mom revealed that she was born with a fierce and confident sense of identity.  

 Noella with her mother who now identifies as trans masculine male.
Noella with her mother who now identifies as trans masculine male. ( Source : instagram )

However, the scientist wasn't very supportive like her partner regarding their child's decision to change her gender identity at a young age. They are no longer together, and the transmasculine male is now married to a 32-year-old biological female, Ray, who has also identified as transgender since 2019; they have a baby raised as non-binary. 

Noella McMaher Before Surgery Photos

The 10-year-old trans model who has made headlines on the internet hasn't shared any pictures of her before surgery, so we aren't sure how she looked before embracing her true self.

Noella has become a sensation as her stunning photo from the fashion show runaway in New York has astonished people worldwide. Furthermore, experts say that she will bag millions by next year.

Noella McMaher slayed the runaway at New York Fashion Week in February.
Noella McMaher slayed the runaway at New York Fashion Week in February. ( Source : nypost )

The youngest trans model is bombarded with modeling offers and will participate in the catwalk at Paris fashion week this year. Moreover, she has become an idol to not only trans people but also straight people to pursue what they love and dream without missing any opportunities. 

The Transgender Model Noella McMaher Is On Instagram

Noella has an Instagram account managed by her parents under the handle @thenoellabella, and it has 156 posts.

The 10-year-old model isn't the one who is using her social media, but her beloved mom and dad; they post her gorgeous pictures on the platform to keep her fans and well-wishers updated on her lifestyle.

Almost 20k users have followed her on Instagram to witness her journey to becoming an outstanding model. Her followers will likely reach hundreds and thousands more in the upcoming days.

The cutest and most gorgeous model has achieved recognition at such a young age, and she will undoubtfully achieve tremendous success in the future; wishing nothing but the best for McMaher and waiting for her to outstand everyone else in her forthcoming show in Paris.