Celebrities are the kind of people who live with a cloud of uncertainty around them, whether it’s because of lawsuits against them or for them and so a good lawyer is a paramount need to each and every celeb whether a household name or just starting off. Here we look at ten of the best celebrity lawyers.


1. 1. Joe Turner

With a law career that has spanned well over 30 years, it’s no surprise that Turner’s name comes top of this list. Among his A-list clients have been Willie Nelson and Matthew McConaughey. Turner was successful in defending Nelson in a case that he was found with marijuana by turning the case around and arguing that there was an illegal search.

2. 2. Howard Stern


Number two on the list is Howard K Stern who also Is the former partner, agent and attorney to model Nicole Smith. He represented the late model in a case against her former husband’s estate and though the case was passed on to the Supreme Court, Howard showed just how proficient he was in that case.

3. 3. Gerald Shargel

Coming in at number three is the gentleman lawyer Gerald Shargel who represented Joe Halderman in a case in which he was being accused of trying to extort $2 million form TV talk show host David Letterman in 2009. Before that he successfully defended his then client Marc Dreier who was accused of stealing millions of dollars from his clients and also from hedge funds. Gerald is highly respected in the circles of fellow learned friends.


4. 4. Allen Grubman

It is said that in the entertainment industry, you know you have made it when Allen Grubman is your lawyer. This lawyer prides himself s being the lawyer of among others, Mariah Carey and Madonna. He is the superpower attorney of the music industry as many labels seek his services whenever they are faced with any legal issues.

5. 5. Mark Geragos


When Michael Jackson stood trial against child sexual assault, or when his estate was sued, even when Chris Brown faced and eminent jail term in front of him. One man came to the rescue in all of these situations and his name is Mark Geragos. The attorney has among the most reputable resumes in the USA law field and this explains why so many celebs seek his services.

6. 6. Martin Garbus

When President Mandela faced trial in South Africa against the apartheid rule, one man was behind the victory that ANC and people of South Africa came out with. He is Martin Garbus. So trusted are his services that he has had the pleasure of representing Al Pacino and Marylyn Monroe.


7. 7. Alan Dershowitz

Known to many Harvard Law School students as Dersh, attorney Alan Dershowitz is no minor entrant in the league of top lawyer as he was embroiled in a 20 year case that involved woman in coma and her husband who had been alleged to have attempted to kill her. Dersh has also represented O.J Simpson and at one time former boxer, Mike Tyson.

8. 8. David Boies


David Boies is famously known in the USA among celeb circles as the lawyer who represented singer and songwriter Carly Simpson when he sued the Starbuck chain of stores. Coming out victorious in this case made sure to elevate his status.

9. 9. Gloria Allred

Think of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case and think of attorney Gloria here who represented the 28 women who pushed charges against the Hollywood celeb.


10. 10. Leslie Abramson

She is famous for her representation of the Menendez brothers Eric and Lyle in a case where they were accused of murdering their father.