Step into your airplane and tighten your seatbelt. And what if that is your own aircraft? We know they are too expensive but still, it feels amazing to fly on your own possessions, right? The cheapest airplanes are not always the great ones, so here we have prepared the list of few reliable yet innovative designs if you want to consider.

You will obviously grin from ear to ear when you go through these planes and their valuation. The ball is in your court; make proficient decision to buy airplanes that are below $20,000. That is somehow lesser than what you have expected to pay for the latest car.

Though they are not fastest jet in the globe or NASA Space Shuttle, they are within your means and yet convenient for your family tour as well. So folks, why are you thinking much about this awesome offer that won’t cost your arm and leg?


Cessna 150

Piper Colt

Piper Pacer

Ercoupe 415

Aeronca Chief

Piper Tomahawk

Cessna 120/140

Luscombe 8E/F

Grumman-American AA-1A/B Trainer


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