Step into your airplane and tighten your seatbelt. And what if that is your own aircraft? We know they are too expensive but still, it feels amazing to fly on your own possessions, right? The cheapest airplanes are not always the great ones, so here we have prepared the list of few reliable yet innovative designs if you want to consider.

You will obviously grin from ear to ear when you go through these planes and their valuation. The ball is in your court; make proficient decision to buy airplanes that are below $20,000. That is somehow lesser than what you have expected to pay for the latest car.

Though they are not fastest jet in the globe or NASA Space Shuttle, they are within your means and yet convenient for your family tour as well. So folks, why are you thinking much about this awesome offer that won’t cost your arm and leg?


1. Cessna 150

Cessna 150 of 1972 was listed in Trade-A-Plane for fine $16,900 by Jeff Fine of Fine Aircraft Sales. The Company is in Columbus, Ohio and the owner also told that the interior and exterior are 7 over 10, which he believes as ‘standard’ deal. Come on, now that is not troubling giving a price.

There were produced zillion model of Cessna 150 and on some course of time, 150 was considered as world’s most famous plane. And those 150s which are placed for bargain price were made before 1972. The first, straight-back 150s was launched in 1959 but after 1963, they were designed with swept tail and rear window. And that became the signature of the whole Cessna single line.

Also, prior to the release of 63 models, the earlier 150s were attributed with vertical tails and fastback rear fuselages. This two-seated airplane is not a bad choice for you apart moderate distress at 100 knots for 3 hours on extend. Also, it is motorized by a Continental 0-200, 100 hp engines as well as facilitate with double radios and also an intercom.

2. Piper Colt


How about flying high with Piper Colt? That is underrated planes which are a two-seater version of the Tri-pacer. Colt was designated to compete directly with rest famous trainers of that time including the Cessna 150. In 1960, after the cancellation of PA-22 line reasoning, the introduction to the Cherokee 140, Colts was manufactured for two years.

More than 2,000 Colts were produced on two years of manufacturing. This airplane very much reminds you of the Tri-Pacer. And, also uses the similar landing gear, door, tail surfaces, seats, engine mounts, struts as well as the instrument panel.

But Piper Colt and Tri-Pacer barely achieved the aesthetic success with their short wings two seated 108 hp mill. They were given various offensive nicknames like Slow Pacer, Flying Milk Stool and so on however they were tough planes. However, you are given this plane decent price of $15,000 and that’s really cheap, no?


3. Piper Pacer

Among all those inexpensive airplanes, Piper Pacer is classicist which is better than its own family the Tri-Pacer. The Pacer was certified on 21 December in 1949 with name Clipper but had to change after a year as Piper Pacer. It is beautiful airplane to own with great internal and external characteristics.

Pacer is blessed with few amazing features like shorter wings yet larger tail, larger fuel tanks which can hold up to 36 gallons of fuel. Furthermore, it is four-seated aircraft with conventional landing gear and light cabin. It is operated by a 125 hp Lycoming 0-290-D engine. It also attributed with steel tube fuselage and aluminum frame wings.

Hence Pacer is covered with fabrics it has lightweight like the Cub and Super Cub. Due to its multiple characteristics, the prices are rising. It cost $14,500 for 1950 model where 1954 production worth around $16,500. But that is the really low price for one of the great of the postwar taildraggers.


4. Ercoupe 415

Engineering and Research Corporation manufactured the Ercoupe which was completely made of metal in the late 30s. But later in the 40s more pleasing version of Ercoupe came as 415/D/E/G which was designed by Fred Weick. An aeronautical engineer, Weick had also served on Piper’s original Cherokee.

Ercoupe was designed as the safest fixed-wing airplane that none of the aerospace engineerings produced then. It is initial production airplane powered by 65 hp ERCO IL-116 engines and it evidently stalled proof. It also featured double wheel which was mechanically synchronized by unified ailerons and an automotive-style managed wheel that guided the plane on the land and in the sky too.

This low-wing monoplane has the only single pedal on the base that was for brake, yet again auto-style.  And you will be more than excited by now listening that Ercoupes can be bought with the price of $15,000, a blast to fly.

5. Aeronca Chief


Aeronca Chief is a member of Aeronca K series and was a family of American high-winged light flying airplane. Those were designed and manufactured from the late 30s. It has a single engine along with fixed conventional landing gear.And actually; Aeronca Chief was produced in between 1945-1950

It was designed by Raymond F. Hermes for flight training and also for private use. The Chief was widely famous as a fundamental tender flyer with fine style. Like other classic planes, it also has a major adverse yaw, controlling wheel and responsive elevators regulations.

Although it has attractive features like a comfortable cabin, assembled fawn sidewalls as well as zebra timber crumb device board, it isn’t speedy as expected. Though, its wings and engines are exchangeable. And it can be owned decent price of $20,000.

6. Piper Tomahawk

You will love this aircraft after knowing its features and absolute cheaper price. Piper Tomahawk is a twin seat plane originally designed for flight preparation and voyage as well as private utilization. It can be one of the great planes for flying with your beloved one.

Tomahawk was manufactured in America in between 1978-1982. And until final production year i.e. 1982, there were made 2,484 airplanes. It is a fixed tricycle gear general aviation plane that looks like a time machine with dual doors and simmers looks. And this time machine is functioned by a Lycoming O-235 engine along with a dual-bladed tractor propeller.

It was compared with Beechcraft Skipper and Cessna 150 which were best-known planes of that time. There are still available the newest models of Piper Tomahawk which costs you not more than $20,000. That is the genuine price for this aircraft blessed with durable engines and well-appointed cabin.


8. Cessna 120/140


And here comes another cheapest yet tough aircraft called Cessna 120 and 140. They are beautiful planes produced by Cessna Aircraft Company from 1946-1951. There were built 7,664 airplanes until the end of production.

If you look for form and features of planes then Cessna 120 and 140 can be your best choice due to its eye-appealing qualities. The curved wheel, conventional land gear and in general, all parts gives the classic touch to this light airplane. When the Cessna Airplane Company flooded the market with its production immediately after the WW II, some people comprehended that these little beauties will be placed properly in history and growth of its company.

Cessna 120 and 140 are similar in their design and characteristics such as 85 hp engine. However, Cessna 140 has some extra functions including an electric system with starter, waves as well as side windows. And it is also considered as gorgeous airplane which offers compressed cockpit and a 90-knot cruise. Hence, you might need to pay about $20,000 for this flyer with metal wing covering.

9. Luscombe 8E/F

Your desire of flying on your own attractive yet affordable planes is going to be fulfilled now. Luscombe is beast which flies at the speed of over 120 MPH with its huge arms measuring 140 square feet. This little aircraft is greatly appreciated for a fine short-field associate.

It is a series of high wings with tailwheel-type landing cog and side by side seating fixed wings airplane. Luscombe was manufactured by Luscombe Aircraft and was designed by Donald A. Luscombe in 1937. These postwar beauties were built will complete metal operated with 90 hp engines that argued to be aerobatic.

There were produced around 6,000 Luscombe and there might be some 1,500 flying now. And the price of 8E of 85 hp is approximately $25,000 where 8F could be acquired in $20,000 with 90 hp engine.


10. Grumman-American AA-1A/B Trainer

If you are looking for swiftly controlling, here Grumman-American Trainer gives you probably the fastest handling compared to any other airplane. It was released formerly as the Bede BD-1 Yankee and due to the progress of Trainer, it was upgraded by American Aviation. Later, G-A was assigned to develop Jim Bede’s malfunction in the original model.

These aircraft are featured with aluminum honeycomb boards, whole metal bonded structure and tube steel spar. It was originally invented for flight training. The American Aviation has manufactured 1,820 of this airplane from 1968-1978.

The AA-1A Trainer has dual controller trainer version along with modified wing aerofoil. Whereas, AA-1B Trainer is an improvement of the AA-1A with upgrading other useful devices And these planes cost between $20,000 to $25,000 to this beautiful yet cheapest aircraft.