“The only reason that some people are fat is because a tiny body couldn’t store all the personality”. Nothing is wrong with being fat. What’s wrong is the way people judge. Beauty doesn’t come in-between zero to eight size. So, at the end, people just remember the aesthetic beauty. Here is a list of the fattest celebrity who is more successful because of being fat.

1. Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s weight hit the landmark of 260 lbs after her pregnancy in 2011. With several negative comments, she has gone through weight-loss surgery.

Since having two kids in 2011, the American Singer Mariah Carey dramatically gained weight. A few years back, she was magnificent with her slender curvy body. But right now, she is just double her previous body weight.

The 48-years-old actress didn’t even care how the peoples are responding regarding her weight. Her weight even hit the massive landmark of 260 lbs.

Eventually, during her performance at Las Vegas in 2017, the audience mostly focused on her tractor-sized figure rather than her amazing performance. In a glittering one-piece, she just became the matter of joke.

With all these types of incidents, she has recently gone under the knife to lose some pile; however, she still looks chubby.