Summertime brings out the best in people: hitting the gym getting ready for bikini season and flaunting curves. While getting the latest, cutest and trendiest beachwear is one of summer’s necessities, it is also important to have a beach-ready body to be able to rock those two piece swimsuits and board shorts. Celebrities are not any different. They are always prepared when it comes to style and fashion because of their position in the public eye.While there are those regular celebrities who will go to the gym for specific workouts in preparation for beachwear, most celebrities constantly hit the gym to stay hot and toned because they are always under scrutiny by the public in and out of season. You best believe that they take vacations at the beach and want to maintain a good image. No one wants to look heavy and floppy on camera. Of course, there are those few who do not have to put in as much work as others because they are naturally skinny, hot and/ or sculpted.

When chatting about the smoky hot beach bodies, it’s incomplete without Kim Kardashian. As named as ‘pop culture phenomenon’, whatever she does it becomes a hit trend next day. Though she got into the limelight after a release of a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J she herself is a powerful fashion at present.

As Paris Hilton’s friend, Kim also used to her stylist before and following a leak of a sex tape, she banged with a reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. She is now known as a sturdy businesswoman, model, socialite as well as reality show star. She is married to American rapper, Kanye West in 2014 and has two children together.

Kim has desirable bikini body with a great hourglass shape. She has been criticized for getting various cosmetic surgeries and implanting butt. She rejects undergoing the knife but whatever it is we can’t deny that her figure can make any man night sleepless.

That curvaceous body is something different that’s fit and well-toned like of athlete. She confidently flaunts her great butt and ample chest in beach even during her pregnancies and that’s what makes her look sexier. Kim enjoys most of her time at the gym that’s how she has made 34-26-39 inches figures weighing 147 lbs.