Summertime brings out the best in people: hitting the gym getting ready for bikini season and flaunting curves. While getting the latest, cutest and trendiest beachwear is one of summer’s necessities, it is also important to have a beach-ready body to be able to rock those two piece swimsuits and board shorts. Celebrities are not any different. They are always prepared when it comes to style and fashion because of their position in the public eye.While there are those regular celebrities who will go to the gym for specific workouts in preparation for beachwear, most celebrities constantly hit the gym to stay hot and toned because they are always under scrutiny by the public in and out of season. You best believe that they take vacations at the beach and want to maintain a good image. No one wants to look heavy and floppy on camera. Of course, there are those few who do not have to put in as much work as others because they are naturally skinny, hot and/ or sculpted.


1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has one of the best beach bodies on and off screen. She is popular for appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She is the youngest of all the sisters and has appeared on the show since she was nine years old. With her position as a socialite and model, one of the most scrutinized things in her life has to be her body. She never disappoints as she has a perfect hourglass figure that is quite a view in a swimsuit, although how she achieved this perfect figure is always a topic that is up for discussion. Jenner has had her fair share of controversy and rumors surrounding her body. The most notable ones relate to plastic surgery. Jenner has grown up in the public eye and so people are able to see dramatic changes in short periods of time and point them out.

For a long time she had denied having used lip fillers to make her lip fuller but eventually copped up to it. One of the most notable changes with her body is the increasing size of her bum and breasts. With the lip fillers incident, it is therefore possible that these specific changes and her conveniently wider hips hat have grown perfectly and proportionately to give her a full hourglass figure could also be as a result of surgery. Some plastic surgeons speculate that she could be undergoing fat transfer procedures as opposed to getting implants. This speculation is founded on the fact that her slim physique makes it unlikely for these changes to happen naturally. She has, however, denied that she has had any other procedures on her body. Whether or not she has had these procedures, Jenner still has a rocking hot body that is perfect for a bikini!

2. Michael Phelps


Michael Phelps has one of the best beach bodies ever. One must admit that he sort of has an unfair advantage over other people because he is a professional swimmer. In fact, his job, one might argue, entails preparing and sculpting for the perfect beach body. Michael Phelps is an American professional swimmer who has a stunning record, holding 28 medals. He has participated in the Olympic Games four times: in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

He had retired after the 2012 games but made a comeback in 2014 and was captain of the American Olympic team for the 2016 games. With such accolades and the fact that he is a professional swimmer, it is obvious that Phelps would make the hot beach body shortlist. Even during his brief retirement, Phelps still maintained his awesome body. It will not come as a surprise if he keeps this body even to his old age; an envy of many.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift definitely makes the list of hot celeb bodies to flaunt at the beach. The famous and beloved singer has always had a skinny frame which is almost always bikini-ready whether or not it is summer. Fans have always known her to be active as paparazzi have caught her multiple times going to and coming from the gym. It seems that she puts in as much hard work with her body as she does in her music. However, she seemed to put on some weight after her breakup with Tom Hiddleston towards the end of 2016, a change that many noticed. She was seen hitting the gym a few months after and her stunning body is still one to behold. To pack onto her body image, Taylor Swift is rumored to have gotten a boob job. From her earlier flat-chest days, she now has a sizeable bust which fits well into her slender frame.

You can tell that these changes are noticeable. The stark contrast in before and after pictures is rather obvious. Rumors about the boob job started after she attended Selena Gomez concert in June 2016. The technique used for the procedure is speculated to be the sub-muscular placement which aims to give the most natural look despite Swift's boyish frame. Some have even speculated that she has had two transition procedures: one before the concert and another after a break up in 2016 and in transition to another boyfriend. However, all this has not stopped Swift from rocking her bikini and showing off her great physique.


4. David Beckham

David Beckham has one of the perfect bodies in the athletic world. The English former professional football player had a 20-year career before his retirement in 2013. If his successful football career is anything to go by, then you can be sure that he has a body to back it. It tends to be easier to have a beach-ready body if you are a professional athlete as hitting the gym and practice is actually your job. Even after his retirement, Beckham has continued to maintain his physique and sexy look over the years. One of the unique things about Beckham is the fact that his body is may not be considered heavily muscular. Instead, it could be described as lean and toned, something that drives women crazy. This physique was greatly influenced by his profession.

The demands of being a professional football player have less to do with muscle and mass and more to do with swiftness and endurance. The sport does not require players to pack on muscles. In fact, it discourages it and promotes leanness Unlike other beach-bodied celebrities, Beckham has an edge. Not only is he 42 years, which is significantly older than other celebrities considered as having great bodies, but he also always has an interesting hairstyle that perfectly matches his look. Additionally, his numerous tattoos make looking at him topless an even more satisfying sight to behold.

5. Lucy Hale


Lucy Hale has slowly gained her foothold in Hollywood ever since she started on Pretty Little Liars as Aria Montgomery. Although the TV show is done with, she is still in the public eye and will continue to be if she takes on more roles in shows and movies. With this status, comes the need to look extra hot as well. She has one of the most banging beach bodies, which she is not afraid to show off in cute and trendy bikinis. Her height and slender frame complement each other to give her an overall petite look which is perfect for swimwear.

Body image issues are not new in Hollywood. There is always an expectation placed on celebrities to be skinny. Hale is not new to these body image issues as she has also had her fair share of eating disorders. She once spoke about her eating disorder in earlier years. She shared that she would go for days without eating. At times, she would also eat fruit and then go to the gym for three hours. She also noted that she had a problem and resolved to work through it herself. Although it was a long process, she finally got to change herself and has a great and healthy body to show for it.

6. Kate Compton

24 year old model Kate Compton has always wanted to be a model since she was a little girl. She started modeling at age 16 and is living her dream. Being a model, she definitely has a banging beach body. Compton comfortably poses for the camera in bikinis and other bikini bottoms in her flawless body. Showing up at the beach looking great is definitely not one of her problems. Compton has some impressive measurements.

She is 5' 9'' with a 32C bust, a 24-inch waist, and 34-inch waist. She definitely maintains this by hitting the gym and having a healthy diet. Her physique is sexy enough to be on magazine covers and on the beach as well. Once again, a career as a model places Compton ahead of the pack as she has to maintain her body in this shape throughout the year. Her Lebanese and Spanish ancestry blend might also contribute to her looks as she is very beautiful.


7. Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez is one of the most attractive American television hosts and actors. He has had a long run in the entertainment industry and is currently 43 years. This is part of why his physique is even more impressive. You simply cannot have a hot body compilation and leave Lopez out of it. He is 5 ft 10 inches and weighs 185 pounds. Just by looking at him shirtless and in board shorts, you can tell that he has a great body. It does not hurt that he is also very handsome. However, for an actor and television host, Mario Lopez definitely takes his workout seriously. Some might even say that his regimen is similar to that of a bodybuilder or a professional wrestler.

Lopez has been dedicated to fitness for years. His policy is to find a workout that you like and then keep at it to improve your skills. He dedicates his daily workouts to a specific part of his body by devoting an hour to work on it. He will, for example, dedicate one day to his back, the next to his arms and another to his legs. However, he admits that he likes to mix it up a bit on some days. Lopez works out six days in a week and rests on Sunday. For his hard work, Lopez has a 45 inch chest, 16 inch biceps and a 34 inch waist. He is built and perfect for the beach.

8. Shemar Moore


Shemar Moore is the best kind of eye candy. One snap at the beach and women all over cannot stop talking about it. Moore, an American actor and model, has an athletic build. When he is not on set filming, you will probably find him shirtless posing for a magazine picture. His height is to die for at 6 ft 1 inch perfectly coupled with his weight which is 195 pounds. The fact that he is 47 years is quite impressive. He has managed to keep his look and body in shape over the years. We can all agree that he has aged quite gracefully. His six pack abs boast of a ripped and chiseled body.

He is also committed to his workouts. His routines focus on strength training during weekdays while on weekends he likes to focus on outdoor cardio activities. Stair climbing and bike riding are activities that he takes on often. Additionally, Moore eats clean to ensure that his body has the necessary proteins so that he can enjoy the benefits of his workouts as well. Everyone who aspires to build muscle knows that protein is an essential component. To top it all off, he is not afraid to indulge once in a while. This dedication has earned him an enviable body which is perfect for the beach; with a 47 inch chest, 16 inch biceps and a 33 inch waist.

9. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff has a great body which has bounced back so well even after giving birth to her son. One of the most impressive things about Duff is that she does not make a big deal out of having a great bikini body. She has often admitted that she is not hell-bent on perfection but focuses on being fit and strong. Her lackluster attitude about a perfect body in a bathing suit is solely based on the fact that she feels good about her body, especially after having her son and is content with that. The 29-year old singer, songwriter, and actress is 5 ft 2 inches and weighs 121 pounds.

Her measurements are 34 inches for her bust, 27 inches from her waist and 34 inches for her hips. To maintain this body, she prefers circuit training as it helps her to lose weight over a short period of time. Her personal trainer advocates for all-around body training. She finally complements this with clean eating. One thing to note, however, is that Duff did not like her legs for a long time. She admitted that she grew to accept them as they were and noted that they are strong, carrying her everywhere she goes. Whatever the case, she has a great beach body.


10. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger has been the poster for a sexy body since she burst into the limelight. The singer, actress, and television personality has one of the best abs in Hollywood. The 39-year-old is 5 ft 5 inches and weighs 119 pounds and has the 36-inch bust, 23-inch waist, and 37-inch hips as her measurements which is quite shapely. To maintain her awesome body, Scherzinger uses the Changing Bodies system which was created by Dale Dymkoski who is her personal trainer. This workout focuses on complete body workout and weight management. However, even with this workout, maintaining her body is not a walk in the park and she does not try to make it look simple either. Her diet does not have sugar or tomatoes.

She never used to take caffeine either but now she does a cup of coffee a day. However, Scherzinger points out that she is not strict or controlling about what she eats. She does advocate for moderation in everything and advises people not to deprive themselves; you can indulge but in moderation. With this advice, the one thing she insists has worked magic for her is having smaller portions often. Finally, to cap it off, she does not eat late at night as she likes to give her food time to digest before going to bed. No wonder she has a great bikini body!

11. Kim Kardashian


When chatting about the smoky hot beach bodies, it’s incomplete without Kim Kardashian. As named as ‘pop culture phenomenon’, whatever she does it becomes a hit trend next day. Though she got into the limelight after a release of a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend, Ray J she herself is a powerful fashion at present.

As Paris Hilton’s friend, Kim also used to her stylist before and following a leak of a sex tape, she banged with a reality show ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’. She is now known as a sturdy businesswoman, model, socialite as well as reality show star. She is married to American rapper, Kanye West in 2014 and has two children together.

Kim has desirable bikini body with a great hourglass shape. She has been criticized for getting various cosmetic surgeries and implanting butt. She rejects undergoing the knife but whatever it is we can’t deny that her figure can make any man night sleepless.

That curvaceous body is something different that’s fit and well-toned like of athlete. She confidently flaunts her great butt and ample chest in beach even during her pregnancies and that’s what makes her look sexier. Kim enjoys most of her time at the gym that’s how she has made 34-26-39 inches figures weighing 147 lbs.

12. Olivia Culpo

Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo shows off her thrilling hot figure with pride and beauty. Her enviable body is always ready for camera with powerful poses in a row. She is also the winner of Miss Rhode Island USA 2012 where she represented her home state. Following, she grabbed a crown as Miss USA in the same year.

Olivia possesses a suave and enchanting face with a sizzling hot hourglass figure. Her down-to-earth body is able to become a center of attention with her 32-25-35 figure at any place but certainly at the beach.

This 25 years old gorge is tall to 5 feet 7 inches weighing 52 kilos. She owns something that can raise the temperature of the quiet ocean as well. Her figure makes sure every eye is well and actually on her as she walks on the sand. And don’t misunderstand; her superb body is not a boon but a result of hard work and patience.

Nick Jonas’s ‘Jealous’ model, Culpo has also started a restaurant in Rhode Island in 2017 along with her family. And here she becomes a charming, powerful and confident American woman who can rock her wet look amazingly as well.


13. Britney Spears

No wonder, Britney Spears is another celebrity who can jaw-drop people with her bold figure. The 35 years old American singer, actress as well as a dancer had maintained her curvilinear body even after getting pregnant twice. No offense, she has maintained her body better than her marital life.

Spears kicks off the beach with her furiously sexy body as her stage performance. She got into the music industry as a slender-bodied girl but later she went out of figure and maintained it again many times. Though, she always amazes her followers showing off her fabulous flat belly and toned body. 

The bright secret behind Spear’s astonishing fitness is her strict workout routine and diet resulting 35-27-35 measurements. She has got the height of 5 feet 4 inches and weighs 61 kilos. She keeps sharing a clip of her workout session and other fitness efforts to inspire her fans. The pop star is now dating 22 years old boyfriend, Sam Asghari who too possesses well-built body and slaying face.

14. Heidi Klum


Just getting amazed that how could someone look so fantastic in their 40s? Hard to believe but she is the mother of four children and still looks n her 20s. Multi-talented Klum is also businesswoman and TV producer apart from modeling and fashion designing and some more.

The German supermodel is a perfectly chic and is dating 30 years old handsome boyfriend, Vito Schnabel. Seems like Klum was born to top the game that comes up to her from fashion to fitness. She nails every single show with her amazing body and dresses up. She has also remained angel of Victoria’s Secret and had been walked for various swimsuits during which she flaunted her dewy fresh body.

And things are not that easy to acquire photogenic figure like Klum. She is hardcore gym fanatic and gives extreme care to her skin. She stands tall with 177 cm and weighs 67 kilos. Her hourglass figure measures 37-27-37 that makes her look adorable in any attire from bikini to the red carpet.

15. Adam Levine

The heartthrob Adam Levine is the lead singer of pop rock band Maroon 5. Apart from singing, he is also songwriter, actor, producer as well as multi-instrumentalist. The very talented Levine was also voted as Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine in 2013. And before, he topped to rank 41 on “Sexiest Men of 2012’ by Glamour.

The sex symbol, Adam Levine has got one of the most appealing athletic build bodies that weigh 77 kilos/170 lbs. The ‘Sugar’ singer is miles away from sugar and is tall of 182 cm with intense gym work, he has made the toned body with brawny arms and seducing masculine chest.

Levine’s intense sexy body is the goal of every man of the world as well as of woman too (wink). To get that A-list body, the singer sticks to clean food routine. And most importantly, he doesn’t skip his workout schedule even he is on his music tour in Tokyo or somewhere. Though, he is lazy on things he is completely dedicated to getting tough masculine body as well as fitness.


16. Gigi Hadid

Instagrammer turned supermodel, Gigi Hadid was announced Internationational Model of the Year in 2016 by the British Fashion Council. 22 years old IMG model is hotcake in-between today’s youths. Her bubbly figure and charming face have given her millions of followers on social media.

One Direction’s ex-member Zyain Malik is madly in love with his girl since 2015. Her captivating green eyes and silky smooth figure have trapped millions of heart as like Malik’s. The blonde beauty stands tall to 178 cm weighing 54 kg/119 lbs. The breathtaking hourglass figure measures 35-25-35 inches that give her curvaceous exposure.

As a supermodel, Gigi needs to be in shape and she hits to gym habitually for that thing.  Scrolling over her Instagram, we can find out that she is athletic and follows a healthy lifestyle. This dive gets into fierce boxing and gym stuff maintain her sexy curves. Apart from that, she always eats clean foods to stay vigorous.

17. Beyonce


Beyonce is a spellbinding singer, dancer, lyricist as well as record producer. She got into media attention as frontline singer of Destiny’s Child which is among the best-selling girl groups of the globe. In 2006, she broke up with a girl group and recorded a solo album.

Apart from alluring singing, she is also known for her ravishing face and mesmerizing body. Those bold arms and luscious curvy figure are outcome of her no sugar, no caffeine in her house. 36 years old Grammy winner Beyonce flaunts the perfect bikini body measuring enviable 36-23-37 and weighs 62 kg.

Versatile Beyonce has got sensational figure that appears more striking while soaking the sun with slender body of 5 feet 6 inches length. Let’s not much drag her secret that she eats whole-food plant-based diet and protein filled homemade smoothie before gym. And most importantly, she loves workouts and boxing that has embellished her athletic figure. Nobody gets that curvy bikini body easily!

18. Rihanna

The sensational singer Rihanna is also known a fine songwriter and occasional actress. Now 29 years old Barbadian singer was in love with music since seven years old and is still continuing that passion. She rose to fame after a release of her first album Music of the Sun in 2005 and that fame has never turned other way till date with her thrilling hits.

Goddess of hairstyles and fashion, Rihanna does have banana shape body that measures 34-24-35 inches. Acquiring 5 feet 8 inches height, she weights 57 kg/125 lbs. In fact, she admitted that she has a fluctuating body that frequently gets thick and then automatically. She owns a sufficiently attractive face and one of the most envied body in Hollywood.

Rihanna’s toned masculine body is maintained with tons of cardio including cycling, rope jumping and jogging. She is instructed by her personal fitness trainers, Harley Pasternak as well as Ary Nunez. Among those various heavy and sweating exercise, ‘Monster’ singer loves to stuff with her sexy booty.


19. Christine Milian

Magnificent singer, lyricist, as well as actress Christine Milian, was just 19 when she signed her first contract. Her singles from the first album were included in Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100. She always amazes her fans with her splendid number to rock and roll over.

Mom of seven years old girl, Christine is one of the hottest singers of America possessing attractive measurements. 36 years old ex-wife of The-Dream has hourglass body that measures 36-23-35 inches with stiff breast and a great butt. No doubt, she doesn’t look of her age all because of that pretty figure which weighs 54 kg/117 lbs.

5 feet 2 inches tall ‘Baggage Claim’ actress is able to balance her incredible curves with meticulous workouts plus nourishing diet. She involves in sweaty workouts and loves pole dancing. Apart from heavy exercise, she tends to stay with a positive spirit and engages in playful activities with her daughter to stay mentally healthy as well.

20. Alexander Skarsgard


Well known as vampire Eric Northman of True Blood Alexander Skarsgard is a sexy Swedish actor. He is also best known for his other works like Zoolander, The Legend of Tarzan, Generation Kill and Big Little Lies. He has portrayed Perry Wright in HBO’s Big Little Lies for which he got reputed Emmy Awards.

41 years old Skarsgard has got a dashing hot athletic body with attractive 44 inches chest with 14 inches biceps. He stands tall of 6 feet 4 inches while weighs89 kg/186 lbs with 32 inches waist measurement. Though he is not married yet he was rumored to be dated over dozen Hollywood hotties including Taylor Swift. Currently, he is linked with German model Toni Garn.

Our modern super masculine Tarzan Skarsgard is not less than any Greece God with those implausible muscles and packs. He went with wild training and clean diet as well as no drops of alcohol for eight months for 2016 movie The Legend of Tarzan. Magnus Lygdback, fitness trainer of Skarsgard says, “I’ve never seen anyone more hardworking.” Apart from films, his body looks terrible awesome on the beach that will go more appealing with some sun kissing and topless look.