It takes endurance and discipline to be a female athlete. For the longest time, athletics and female sports were not centered on fashion. However, with the changing times, this has also changed dramatically. Now athletes also consider how stylish their functional outfits are. This has been mostly positive but it has also brought about a negative aspect. Female athletes end up in outfits that can be potentially embarrassing, not just because they are not in style but because it gets easier to lose these clothing items.

A number of top female athletes have ended up exposing themselves during their sporting events. While they may not have completely lost their clothing leaving them naked, the clothes do come off, tear, rip or ride up. Such wardrobe malfunctions cause the athletes to expose their breasts and bare bums to cameramen who snap pictures that will forever live on through the internet.

Some of the most famous top female athletes who have had some notable wardrobe malfunctions caught on camera include:


1. 1. Flavia Zoccari


Flavia Zoccari is an Italian swimmer who competed at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Swimming gear is often quite tight and can potentially cause a number of clothing-related accidents such as ripping especially if the material used is not strong. Zoccari ripped her swimsuit at the back, exposing her derriere right before a race. One of the other competitors, Ricky Berens, an American swimmer had a similar incident at the Olympics but carried on and did not let this stop him. Unfortunately for Zoccari, once she realized that her swimsuit had ripped and that she had mooned the crowd, she burst into tears, covered her backside with one hand and walked off.

The swimsuit Zoccari was donning was designed by Jaked and had earlier been banned on suspicion that it gave swimmers an unfair advantage. To have it rip before she could compete must have been devastating for her. She probably wished that she had gone with another designer altogether, or that the ban on the Jaked swimsuits had not been lifted.

2. 2. Christina Tsoukala

Some sports set up the competitors for a wardrobe malfunction and a potential world of embarrassment. Water polo, for example, includes a lot of contact between people who are in tight costumes. People pull, tug and even bite in this sport and it is something that is well known and acceptable. With all the rough contact, someone is bound to pull down a strap exposing an opponent or even rip another person’s suit. Christina Tsoukala learned that this was possible the hard way.

As a member of Greece’s national water polo team, Tsoukala participated in the 2008 Summer Olympics. During one of their matches, the unthinkable happened. Unfortunately for her, an opponent must have pulled her swimsuit underneath the water. The result was that her breast popped out of the swimsuit and all this was caught on camera. Tsoukala has many achievements but when you search for information on the internet, the first thing that shows up is her 2008 incident.


3. 3. Gillian Cooke

Bobsledding requires tight body suits that cover the whole body save for the hands and feet. How bobsledders bend over and still have these costumes intact is a wonder. Gillian Cooke represented Scotland in track, field, and bobsled. She was not as lucky in 2010 during some bobsledding competitions. She bent over, ripping her suit at the back and exposing her bum. This did not stop her. Instead, she continued to hop onto the bobsled and see the competition through. She came in seventh and the whole debacle was caught on camera.

She can be commended for her sportsmanship which was proven when she still competed in the race despite her embarrassment. The funny thing is that the mishap that exposed her bare butt to the world is what she is most famous for; not even the gold she won in a two-woman bobsledding event at the 2009 FIBT World Championships.

4. 4. Rosa Mendes


Some people argue that wrestling is not a sport while some consider it as a sport. Female wrestlers dress in bikini tops or sports bras and short skirts or tight bottoms. With the way wrestlers rough each other up, wardrobe malfunctions are expected.

Rosa Mendes had her bottoms pulled down by Layla, an opponent during a match as she tried to get back into the ring. This exposed her bare bum, much to the excitement of the crowd. She must have been embarrassed but could not show it. After all, wrestling is a rough sport and you cannot afford to be a softie while in the ring. On the other hand, although she might have done it unintentionally, her opponent, did not seem concerned about the situation because she was not the one who had her pants pulled down. This must have been one of those moments that make men happy they watched female wrestling because most watch in the hope that something like that happens.

5. 5. Brie Bella

Brie Bella, a female entertainment wrestler, is considered an athlete in some spheres. She has also had her fair share of embarrassment. She is one of the Bella twins wrestling on WWE. However, for Bella, her exposure did not even happen during a match. It was actually in July 203 during Raw in a casual interview. Her breast just popped out of her dress and she was very apologetic afterward. Her apology was broadcast through a tweet where she noted that the humidity made her tape come off unexpectedly and assured fans that it would not happen again.

These isolated moments make women’s wrestling worth watching for men. Every time women wrestle or even during a catfight, men are secretly wishing that clothes will be ripped off or that somehow it will end in kissing.


6. 6. Elizabeth Phillips

Elizabeth Phillips, unlike Brie Bella, is actually a UFC female fighter. The athletes also dress in tight shorts and sports bras. There is a lot of contact and roughing each other up during the match. This presents the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction as well.

During one of her fights, Elizabeth Phillips ended up with her sports bra riding up which exposed her right breast. She was already on the floor and this was quite embarrassing. The sunny side to this incident is that it opened other female UFC fighters to the possibility of the same happening to them. As a result of this exposure, Miesha Tate, another UFC fighter, wore two bras to her next match to avoid such a mishap.

7. 7. Nora Hoffmann


Figure skaters seem to have their fair share of wardrobe malfunctions which almost always have to do with nip slips. Straps come off, dresses slip down exposing breasts and so on. They wear such tight costumes despite the fact that they are going to be twirled around and thrown up in the air among other vigorous moves that demand a sturdy outfit that will not give in even under a lot of stress. Nora Hoffmann can attest to how a suit can fail you during a competition.

Hoffmann is Hungarian and a two-time Olympian. During one of the competitions, her partner spun her around leading to her dress slipping in the process. While Hoffmann carried on with the competition, everyone could see that she was struggling because she was too focused on her dress and trying to cover herself up. Unlike other athletes, Hoffmann seems to have gotten the better end of the deal as a search for her reveals her career moves as an ice skater as opposed to her wardrobe malfunction during the competition.  

8. 8. Ekaterina Borisovna

Ekaterina Borisovna is a figure skater. Her wardrobe malfunction was worse than that of Nora Hoffman. During the European Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki in 2009, she donned a backless pink dress that was stunning. In the course of their routine, she leaned slightly then raised her arm in the air. This move snapped her right strap, completely exposing her right breast and there was nothing that she could do about it. She and her partner finished in twelfth position. When asked about it later she admitted that she could remember nothing from the routine because she was too worried about the dress.

The dresses that figure and speed skaters wear are tight and prone to snap, rip, slide down or get loose through the stretching, twirling, turning and lifting. Some like Ekaterina have borne the brunt of what can happen if the dress fails you. She was able to finish her routine in stride and this helped her save face despite the embarrassment.


9. 9. Olga Graf

Olga Graf competes in speed skating. For speed skating or any other skating apart from ice hockey for that matter, it is standard to have tight suits that cover most of your body. While they shape, contour and are instrumental in how an athlete competes, they can also be uncomfortable and tight for anyone donning them. Graf competed in the Sochi Olympics 300 speed skating event where she came in third, winning the bronze medal. Unfortunately, she forgot that she had not worn anything under her suit and unzipped the front. For a minute there, Graf had her mid chest exposed as the zip ran from her collarbone all through to her navel. Fortunately, only a little cleavage showed and she realized in time to zip up.

When asked about her incident, she explained that their suits are well made but that sometimes they can be tight and after the race, all you want to do is breathe. She forgot for a moment that she had nothing underneath and in her quest to breathe she almost exposed herself.

10. 10. Jelena Jankovic


Female tennis matches used to have polo shirt-clad athletes wearing modest skirts. This has long changed as female tennis players now wear clothes that are more and more revealing with the passing years. This trend is bound to lead to a couple of wardrobe malfunctions at the end of the day and Jelena Jankovic knows this too well.

The Serbian professional tennis player was once ranked number one in the world. She has had two major malfunctions during matches. In 2014, during the Rogers Cup in Montreal, one of her sports bra straps broke and could have caused a very embarrassing situation. Thankfully, a woman in the crowd fixed it for her by tying it back together. She also had another wardrobe fail in 2008 when she had to change her underwear in the court sidelines because whatever she was wearing was interfering with her ability to play as best as she could.