African American actress Toukie Smith is known over the world for her role as Eva Rawley in NBC’s sitcom-227. She also rose to fame through her modeling career that made her appear to many of the fashion magazines in the USA among them Vogue Magazine. Her relationship with two-time Oscar Award winner Robert De Niro is also a factor for her acclaimed fame. 



Quick facts about Toukie Smith

Full Name: Toukie Smith 

Born: 25th April 1955 

Age: 62 years 

Birth Place: Pennsylvania, USA 

Ethnicity: Black 

Profession: Actress, Model 

Movies/TV shows: 227, Preacher’s Wife 

Agencies: Versace, Chanel, Patrick Kelly 

Years Active: 1970-present 

Net Worth: Unknown 

Marital Status: Not married 

Partner: Robert De Niro (1989-1995) 

Children: 2


Toukie Smith’s wiki

Toukie Smith is an American actress and model who rose to fame in the 70s and 80s through her modeling acting career. She was born in Philadelphia to a mother who was a factory worker and a father who was a butcher. Toukie has been blessed with two siblings Willi Smith and Norman Smith. Toukie Smith was once rumored to be Robert De Niro’s ex-wife, but the American actress has never come out to refute this claims. The American actress together with Robert De Niro has two children.

Toukie Smith as Robert De Niro’s ex-wife

Robert De Niro has been known for many years to be a real playboy in the Hollywood scene as he has previously dated some of the hottest models and actresses that Hollywood has to offer. Though she has never been confirmed to be Robert De Niro’s ex-wife, it is known that the two were in a long-term relationship between 1989 and 1995. No official message was ever given about whether the American actress was married to the legendary actor, Robert De Niro and therefore the claims of her being Robert De Niro’s ex-wife remain to be just that, rumors and speculations! The American actress who has been speculated for long to be Robert De Niro’s ex-wife had however made some positive steps in ensuring the long-term longevity of their relationship when in 1995 she agreed to have kids with Robert De Niro. The kids would be begotten through an unnamed surrogate mother whose identity has remained hidden up until this present time. 

The American actress and Robert De Niro would, however, have personal issues in the course of the relationship and would end up separating some months before their twin kids; Aaron Kendrick and Julian Henry were delivered. The separation would bring to an end a relationship that had lasted for six years and even for years to come, Toukie Smith would still be speculated to be Robert De Niro’s ex-wife. The duties of raising their twin kids have been split between the two and it is known that they are still in good rapport for the sake of their children, this even after Robert De Niro remarried in 1997.

Toukie Smith-the American actress

Starting off as a model for acclaimed fashion houses such as Versace, Chanel, and Patrick Kerry and even once showcasing for her late brother, Willi Smith, Toukie had not envisioned herself as one day becoming a famous American actress.  It came by chance is what we could say but even with that, speculated Robert De Niro’s ex-wife has not disappointed at all. She has been featured in several movies and TV shows with her most renowned role as an American actress being that of Eva Rawley in NBC’s sitcom 227. This was her big break as an American actress but there are also other roles she has played in several other productions among them; Talkin Dirty After Dark, The Preacher’s Wife, Joe’s Apartment and Night of 100 Stars III.