Australian Folk Band The Audreys Founding Member Tristan Goodall Passed Away, Death Cause And More

Tristan Goodall was the guitarist of the Australian blues/roots band The Audreys.

Tristan Goodall, who served as the guitarist of the Australian blues/roots band The Audreys, has passed away, and the news has disheartened his fans and followers.

Goodall started playing music with Coates in Melbourne after dropping out of university in Adelaide and decided to form the Audreys back in their hometown. And Twitter is flooded with condolence messages got the guitarist.

The Audreys: Tristan Goodall Death Cause And Obituary

The passing of the founding member and the guitarist of The Audreys, Tristan Goodall, has saddened his fans and well-wishers. However, the cause of his expiry is yet to get disclosed.

The news of his demise was disclosed by Double J as the representative confirmed it and he departed from the world peacefully surrounded by his family members on the 2nd of July 2022.

Furthermore, as per ABC, the guitarist left the band late last year due to health issues, but his illness has remained a mystery as he never revealed it to the media. Furthermore, his loved ones have also not shown the reason behind his death, and we respect their privacy. 

Tristan Goodall Wife: Who Was He Married To?

Tristan was 48 when he knocked on the heavens door, so he might have been married to his beautiful wife, whom he never introduced to the media. Thus, we are unsure who was the woman with whom he took the wedding vows.

Goodall was highly private, kept the details of his personal life under a closed book, and never brought his family affairs in public. He preferred to lead a peaceful life with his loved ones without exposure to the limelight as it can steal their privacy.

Tristan with the band members of The Audreys.
Tristan with the band members of The Audreys.( Source : Tunefind )

However, Taasha Coates, the lead singer of The Audreys, appears to be the ex-partner of the late guitarist, as some sources have revealed that they were a couple. They separated between recording and releasing the album but remained the closest of friends and often bickered like an old married couple.

Did Tristan Goodall Have Children?

Tristan might have had children, but he never presented his little ones in front of his fans, so we are skeptical whether he had kids or not. 

Furthermore, the late guitarist lived a private life without exposing his family members to the spotlight, and he didn't make his presence on social networking sites; he has no trace on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter.

Thus, unless Goodall's family members identify themselves or make public appearances, we won't be able to know who might be and what they do for a living, including his children.

Furthermore, no verified sources have covered his background and lifestyle and shared them on the internet; hopefully, more intel relating to his life will surface in the upcoming days so that his admirers will learn more about him.

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Tristan Goodall's Net Worth At The Time Of Death

Goodall never disclosed his earnings throughout his musical career, so his total assets have remained a mystery; however, he might have left behind a fortune for his loved ones before departing.

The guitarist of The Audreys might have pilled up at least $3 million to $5 million or more or less on his bank account from the music he made with his band members and the tours he did while he was alive.

Tristan Goodall photographed with Taasha Coates.
Tristan Goodall photographed with Taasha Coates.( Source : Gettyimages )

Moreover, Tristan is one of the founding members of the Australian blues/roots band The Audreys, which he founded with his friend Taasha Coates in 2004. However, he left the band a year ago due to deteriorating health. Moreover, he must have spent a fortune to cure the illness that eventually cost him his life; may his departed soul rest easy in paradise.

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