The university education is just not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. So, everyone has the right to acquire education. But over the last three decade, the rising universities tuition fees are crafting an obstacle.

But if you are passionate about learning, nothing can stop you. And for those intense learners, many colleges and universities deliver degrees with no cost. Here is the list of 20 tuition-free colleges around the Globe.


Barclays College, a model of academic excellence, is a four-year Private Christen college in Haviland, Kansas, United States. It was founded by Quaker settlers in 1917. In fact, this college is known for Ministry degree along with professional degrees.

Till 1990, it was known as Kansas Central Bible Training School. Later, the college renamed to Barclay College to honor Robert Barclay, the first Quaker theologian.

Quick Facts

  • Established:  1917 A.D
  • Religious affiliation: Quakers
  • Degree programs: Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Bible/Theology, K-6 Elementary Education, Business Administration, Family Studies, Missions, Bi-Vocational Missions, Worship Arts and Sports and Recreational Leadership
  • Total academic staff: 30
  • Official site:

With the affiliation of Religious Society of Friends, Barclays College aims to convey bible centered environment for effective Christian life, service, and leadership.

With 8 primary buildings, the college covers 13 acres of area. This college offers 10 different academic programs. 

Barclay college has 49% admission rate and offers a full-tuition scholarship to the student if they are ready to pay for residence hall and enroll full-time.