The university education is just not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think. So, everyone has the right to acquire education. But over the last three decade, the rising universities tuition fees are crafting an obstacle.

But if you are passionate about learning, nothing can stop you. And for those intense learners, many colleges and universities deliver degrees with no cost. Here is the list of 20 tuition-free colleges around the Globe.



1. Barclay College, United States – Develops Life, Service and Leadership

Barclays College, a model of academic excellence, is a four-year Private Christen college in Haviland, Kansas, United States. It was founded by Quaker settlers in 1917. In fact, this college is known for Ministry degree along with professional degrees.

Till 1990, it was known as Kansas Central Bible Training School. Later, the college renamed to Barclay College to honor Robert Barclay, the first Quaker theologian.

Quick Facts

  • Established:  1917 A.D
  • Religious affiliation: Quakers
  • Degree programs: Youth Ministry, Pastoral Ministry, Bible/Theology, K-6 Elementary Education, Business Administration, Family Studies, Missions, Bi-Vocational Missions, Worship Arts and Sports and Recreational Leadership
  • Total academic staff: 30
  • Official site:

With the affiliation of Religious Society of Friends, Barclays College aims to convey bible centered environment for effective Christian life, service, and leadership.

With 8 primary buildings, the college covers 13 acres of area. This college offers 10 different academic programs. 

Barclay college has 49% admission rate and offers a full-tuition scholarship to the student if they are ready to pay for residence hall and enroll full-time.

2. U.S Merchant Marine Academy, United States – Deeds not Words


The U.S Merchant Marine Academy is one of the best Military Academics across the country. It was founded in 1943 that cores on a regimental system to inspire and lead the student towards the secure career.

Dedicated to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 82-acre waterside academy exists on Long Island north shore in Kings Point, New York.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1943 A.D
  • Affiliation: United States service academies
  • Degree programs: Marine Transportation, Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Systems, and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management.
  • Total academic staffs: 85
  • Official site:

To get into the academy, students should be at least 17-years-old, should meet all the requirement such as physical, character, medical and security, must be the U.S citizen and need to qualify scholastically.

The main aim of USMMA is to deliver a quality higher education in different programs including Marine Transportation, Logistics and Intermodal Transportation, Marine Engineering, Marine Engineering Systems, and Marine Engineering and Shipyard Management.

USMMA is one of the few Marine colleges that offer a scholarship. The Midshipmen attending USMMA receives all their tuition fee, uniforms, books and room from Federal Government.

3. US Air Force Academy, United States – Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do

US Air Force Academy is one among the five United States service academies for officer trainees of US Air Force. It was founded in 1954 that hands down the challenges and push cadets to extreme limits.

Located in El Paso County, Colorado, United States, USAFA offers 26 major and 4 minor academic programs.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1 April 1954
  • Affiliation: United States service academies
  • Degree programs: Aeronautical Engineering, Behavioral Science, Chemistry, Computer Engineering, Legal Studies, English, Political Science, Physics, Systems Engineering, History, Management, Biology, Civil Engineering, Astronautical Engineering, and few others.
  • Total academic staffs: 550 (70% are military and 30% are civilians)
  • Official site:

They deliver harsh academic and physical training that helps cadets to survive in any extreme circumstances. During Vietnam War, USAFA graduates fought for the first time and some died with honors.

To be eligible, cadets must be in between 17-23 years of age, must be unmarried, should be a US Citizen and need to meet the other entire requirement such as character, physical, medical, and academic standards.

The main aim of USAFA is to educate, inspire, and motivate the cadets. In fact, the academy stands in four pillar of excellence that includes academics, athletics, military training and character development.

USAFA is one of the few air force academies that offer a scholarship. The academy pays tuition, room and board fees of the cadets. Additionally, cadets also receive a salary every month, if s/he is committed to serving the Air Force for certain time period.


4. Berea College, United States – God has made of one blood all peoples of the earth

Berea College is the finest liberal art college founded by Protestant Christian. It was founded in 1855 that promises free education to every enrolled student.

Located in the city of Berea, KY, United States, Berea College offers a bachelor degree in 32 major subjects.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1855 A.D
  • Degree programs: African & African American Studies, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Appalachian Studies, Biology, Art & Art History, English Foreign Language, History, Mathematics, Physics, Political Science and few others.
  • Undergraduates: 1,613
  • Total academic staffs: 131
  • Official site:

Being a private undergraduate liberal college, it was ranked 60th best liberal art college in the US, 3rd most innovative and 10th best undergraduate college of 2017 by U.S News & World Report.

Berea College provides a scholarship to all the students along with room and board. They provide a four-year full-tuition scholarship that is equivalent to $126,000.

As a work college, students are required to work for at least 10 hours a week inside the college periphery.  The college even pays $4.10 to $6.55 wage to the student based on Work, Learning, and Service (WLS).

5. Brown University, United States – In God We Hope


Brown University is Ivy League Research university founded in 1764. Located at the Providence, Rhode Island, United States, Brown University is listed as the 7th oldest college in the country.

With 235 building in the area of 123 acres, this university offers 2,000 Courses each year in around 40 different academic departments.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1764 A.D
  • Degree programs: Social Science, Humanities, Public Health, Biology & Medicine, Physical Science, Life Science and Few others.
  • Total students:  9,380 (Fall 2017)
  • Total Undergraduates: 6,580 (Fall 2017)
  • Total Postgraduates: 2,255 (Fall 2017)
  • Other students: 545 (Medical)
  • Official site:

Recent data stated that Brown University received 32,724 applications for 2021 Undergraduate classes. Among them, only 2,722 were accepted. In the university history, this was the largest applicant pool.

The main aim of the university is to remove the hefty fee weight from parent’s shoulder. For that, Brown University promised to offer a scholarship to those students whose family income is below $60,000.

6. College of Ozarks, United States – Hard Work U

College of Ozarks is Christian liberal-arts College founded by Presbyterian minister Reverend James Forsythe in 1906.

Located just outside Branson, Missouri, United States, College of Ozarks’ main aim is to deliver Christian education and to develop the behavior like Christ.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1906 A.D
  • Degree programs: Agriculture, Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Computer Sciences, Culinary Arts, Education, Engineering, English, Family Studies and Social Science, Graphic Art, History, Nursing, Psychology, and few others.
  • Religious affiliation: Cumberland Presbyterian Church
  • Total Undergraduates: 1,433
  • Official site:

At first, this college was founded as The School of the Ozarks. In 1965, it added four years bachelor program. Later, the college renamed to College of the Ozarks in 1990.

This college offers 30 major academic programs including Bachelors of Science and Bachelor of Arts. College of Ozarks doesn’t charge a tuition fee for the full-time students.

Due to its student work program, students need to work for at least 15 hours a week inside college periphery. To be eligible for the scholarship, students must verify their residence and validate their financial need.


7. Cornell University, United States – Finding Instructions In Any Study

Cornell University is a private and Statutory Ivy League research university founded by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickson White in 1865.

Located in Ithaca, New York, United States, Cornell University has covered the area of 2,300 acres. The main aim of this university is to be the model inclusive research University for the 21st century.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1865 A.D
  • Degree programs: African Studies, Agricultural Science, American Science, Animal Science, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Asian Studies, Aerospace Engineering, African Studies, Animal Science and few others.
  • Academic affiliated: AAU, SUNY, APLU, and NAICU
  • Total Undergraduates: 14,315 (Fall 2015)
  • Total Postgraduates: 7,589 (Fall 2015)
  • Official site:

In 2018 edition of QS World University Ranking, Cornell was ranked 14th and 19th in the 2017 edition of the Times Higher Education World University Ranking.

Cornell University offers more than 4,000 courses across 100 academic departments. Similar to that of Brown University, Cornell University also provides a scholarship to those students whose family income is below $60,000.

In this university, the student doesn’t need to apply particularly for the scholarship. When students apply for financial aid, college automatically considers them a scholarship reward, if they meet the Scholarship requirement.

8. U.S Coast Guard Academy, United States – The Sea yields to Knowledge


United States Coast Guard Academy is one of the smallest service academies among the five federal service academies. It was founded in 1876 with an aim to educate the future coast guard officers.

Located in New London, Connecticut, USCGA offers 8 different academic programs. Each year around more than 2,000 students apply and just 250 were selected.  

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1876 A.D
  • Degree programs: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, Operations Research and Computer Analysis, Marine and Environmental Science, Government and Management.
  • Academic affiliated: U.S Service Academy
  • Total cadets: 988
  • Total academic staff: 130
  • Official site:

All the selected cadets need to perform basic military training. Apart from this, they also need to participate in the other training program depending on their class.

USCGA funds all the tuition fee of the cadets. In exchange, the cadets should perform five years active duty.

9. Webb Institute, United States – Developing skills

Webb Institute is a top-ranked undergraduate engineering college founded by William Henry Webb, an industrialist, and Philanthropist. It was founded in 1889 with an aim to develop skills and leadership in the student.

Located in Glen Cove, New York, Webb Institute offers only one academic program. About 80% of the entering student completes their graduation and most of them build a career in the maritime industry.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1889 A.D
  • Degree programs: Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  • Total undergraduate: 98
  • Total academic staff: 10
  • Official site:

Webb Institute is notably known for its uniqueness in ship designing and system engineering. Only the successful applicants will receive full four-year tuition fee.


10. Yale University, United States – Light and Truth

Yale University is a private Ivy League research University founded by Saybrook Colony. It was founded in 1701 with an aim to expand and share knowledge. This is the third-oldest university of higher education in the United States.

Located in New Haven Connecticut, Yale University covers 1015 acres of areas. This university was ranked 3rd among U.S national Universities by U.S News & World Report in 2016.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1701 A.D
  • Degree programs: African American Studies, African Studies, American Studies, Art, Architecture, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, East Asian Language & Literature, Film and Media Studies, Global Affairs, History, Mathematics, philosophy, Physics, and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: AAU, IARU, and NAICU
  • Total Undergraduates: 5,453
  • Total Postgraduates: 6,859
  • Total academic staff: 4,410
  • Official site:

Yale University offers around 2,000 courses every year. Each student will take at least 36 courses in the course of earning a degree from this University.

Yale University promises scholarship to those whose family income is below $65,000. To apply for the scholarship, student along with their families document needs to be sent to the Students Financial Office.

11. Vanderbilt University, United States - To deliver scholarly research, Knowledge and creative education


Vanderbilt University is a private research university founded in 1873. It is located in Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

In fact, this university is named in the honor of Cornelius Vanderbilt, the shipping, and rail magnate, who has donated $1million endowment to open the University.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1701 A.D
  • Degree programs: Accountancy, African American and Diaspora Studies, American Studies, Anthropology, Applied Clinical informatics, Asian Studies, Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemical and Physical Biology, Civil Engineering, Deaf Education, Environmental Education and few others.  
  • Academic affiliation: AAU, NAICU, URA, ORAU, and SURA
  • Total Undergraduates: 6,885           
  • Total Postgraduates: 5,707
  • Total academic staff: 4,102
  • Official site:

The main aim of Vanderbilt University is to deliver scholarly research, Knowledge and creative education to every student.

This university enrolls students from 50 U.S states and around 100 foreign countries. Vanderbilt scholarship program is a bit different compared to other Universities.

This university offers financial scholarship only to those students who can demonstrate an excellent and intellectual performance during their academic year.

12. Deep Spring College, United States – Academics, Labor, and Self-government

Deep Spring is a unique and small liberal art college founded by L.L Nunn in 1917. This college stands in three pillars; academics, labor, and self-government.

Deep Spring College is the smallest college, located in Deep Springs, California, the United States with about 12– 15 students admitted each year.

Quick Facts

Since 1917, this college is preparing young people for the life of service to humanity. The main aim of Deep Spring College is to enlighten students and develops leadership in them.

The academic courses in this college are intensive and attractive. During the regular academic year, the college offers nine different courses.

The college provides a scholarship that includes board, tuition, and room. To earn the scholarship, the students need to work at least 20 hours a week on a cattle ranch or a farm. Students only need to pay for their textbooks.


13. Colombia University, United States – In Thy light shall we see light

Colombia University is private Ivy League research university founded in 1754. Located in Upper Manhattan New York, United States, this University has covered 299 acres of area.

This most prominent and prestigious university is one of the ninth colonial colleges established before the revolutionary war. 

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1754 A.D
  • Degree programs: Architecture, Planning & Preservations, Arts, Graduate School of Arts & Science, Dental Medicine, Engineering, General Studies, International and Public Affairs, Journalism, Law, Nursing and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: AAU, NAICU, URA, and 568 Group
  • Total Undergraduates: 8,410 (Fall 2014)                                         
  • Total Postgraduates: 19,532 (Fall 2014)
  • Total academic staff: 3,999 (Fall 2016)
  • Official site:

For 2021, Colombia University received 37,389 applications for admission and only 2,185 applicants were accepted. With this data we can assume, how much competitive the University is.

Colombia University is the most selective college in the US behind Stanford and Harvard. At present, the University is organizing twenty schools that include three graduates school.

In Colombia University, admission committee offers a scholarship to undergraduate students. Similar to that of Brown and Cornell University, this university also provides a financial scholarship to those students whose family income is below $60,000.

14. Curtis Institute of Music, United States – Developing Artistry in Community


The Curtis Institute of Music is one of the finest music academics in the world. It was founded by Mary Louise Curtis Bok in 1924 in the honor of his father Cyrus Curtis.

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, Curtis Institute of Music aims to educate and trains the young talented music devotee to occupy the local community with the artistry.  

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1924 A.D
  • Academic programs: Performance Course, Musical Studies, Liberal arts Course and Career Studies.
  • Official site:

This college offers an academic course in Music. It is known for being one of the most selective institutes with 4.8% admission rate.

Curtis Institute of Music offers four academic programs and each year about 175 students enter the institution. The institution doesn’t charge any tuition-fee.

15. Duke University, United States - Knowledge and Faith

Duke University is a private research university founded by Methodists and Quakers in 1838. Located in Durham, North Carolina, United States, this university's mission is to provide real leadership in the educational world.

In fact, the initial name of this university was Brown School. However, the university renamed to Duke to honor the American Industrialist Washington Duke.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1838 A.D
  • Degree programs: African and African American Studies, Art History, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Biophysics, Computer Science, Dance, Environmental Science, Environmental Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical engineering, Visual and Media Studies, and Few others.
  • Academic affiliated: AAU, NAICU, URA, 568 Group, COFHE, ORAU, CDIO, and IAMSCU.
  • Total Undergraduates: 6,562 (Fall 2017)
  • Official site:

With the academic affiliation of 8 different organizations, this university offers 53 major and 52 minor academic programs.

Duke University offers scholarship programs to those students whose family income is below $60,000 and only 10% of the candidates are selected for the Scholarship. So to get the scholarship, candidates must score better mark during entrance exam.


16. Massachusetts Institute of technology, United States – Mind and Hand

Massachusetts Institute of technology is a private research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

It was founded in 1861 with an aim to advance knowledge and prepare and educate students in the field of Science and technology.  

Quick Facts

  • Established: 10 April 1861
  • Degree programs: Aerospace Engineering, African and African Diaspora, American Studies, Ancient and Medieval Studies, Biomedical Engineering, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Finance, Masters in Applied Science, Masters in Business Administration, Masters of Engineering and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: AAU, NAICU, URA, 568 Group, COFHE, AICUM, AITU, and APLU.
  • Total Undergraduates: 4,512                                                           
  • Total Postgraduates: 6,807
  • Total academic staff: 1021
  • Official site:

Traditionally, MIT was known for research in physical science and engineering but now in biology, management and economic as well.

With an academic affiliation of 8 different organizations, MIT offers 53 major and 58 minor academic programs for undergraduates.

Additionally, this college also offers 12 master degree programs. MIT provides a scholarship to those students whose family income is below $75,000.

17. Alice Lloyd College, United States – Offering High-Quality Education


Alice Lloyd is a Private four years liberal arts college located in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, United States. This college was founded by Alice Spencer Geddes Lloyd and June Buchanan in 1923.

With the academic affiliation of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics River States Conference, Alice Lloyd College offers 18 majors degree and 8 pre-professional programs.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1923 A.D
  • Degree programs: Accounting and Business Management, English, History, Sociology, Elementary Education and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics River States Conference.
  • Official site:

The main aim of ALC is to provide leadership knowledge to the students. In 2017, the college received 6,337 application and only 262 applicants were accepted.

This college has provided a scholarship to students from 108 different nations. To earn a scholarship, students are required to work for at least 160 hours per semester.

18. Harvard University, United States - Truth

Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States.

It was founded by Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636. Harvard is the world’s most prestigious and oldest university.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1636 A.D
  • Degree programs: Celtic Languages and Literatures, English, History of Arts and Architecture, Visual and Environmental Studies, Theatre, Dance & Media, History and Literature, Women, Gender and Sexuality, Astronomy, Chemistry & Chemistry Biology, African and African-American Studies, Economics, Psychology, Applied Mathematics, Biomedical Engineering and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: AAU, NAICU, URA, and AICUM.
  • Total Undergraduates: 6,700                                   
  • Total Postgraduates: 14,500
  • Total academic staff: 4,671
  • Official site:

With the affiliation of four different organizations, Harvard University offers 136 graduates, 134 undergraduates, and 32 professional degrees.

Harvard University offers a scholarship to those students whose family income is less than $65,000. Only if the student meets all the requirement for scholarship programs.


19. Texas A&M University, United States – Develop Leadership and Responsibility

Texas A&M University is a public institution of higher learning, located in College Station, Texas, United States. It was founded in 1876 with an aim to deliver high-quality education and nurture the Human mind.

Texas A&M University holds three designations as land, sea and space grants institute. Several organizations such as National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Institute of Health, and the Office of Naval Research have funded the ongoing project with this University.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1876 A.D
  • Degree programs: Accounting, Aerospace Engineering, Agribusiness, Animal Science, Biochemistry, Bioenvironmental Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Communication, English, Genetics, Industrial Engineering, Marine Transportation, Nutritional Science, Psychology and few others.
  • Academic affiliation: Texas A&M University System, AAU, CONAHEC, ORAU, URA, and APLU.
  • Total Undergraduates: 53,690 (Fall 2017)               
  • Total Postgraduates: 15,135 (Fall 2017)
  • Total academic staff: 4,900
  • Official site:

With the academic affiliation of six organizations, this university offers 130 undergraduate, 170 master, and 93 doctoral degree programs.

Texas A&M University provides scholarship & financial aid to 72% of the students. Students received around $734 million as financial assistance through their scholarship, loans, waivers, work-study, and employment within college periphery.

20. Stanford University, United States – The wind of freedom blows


Stanford University is a private research university located in Stanford, California, United States. It was founded by Leland and Jane Stanford in 1885 in the memory of their child, but school started to take students only in 1891.

It is widely known as the most selective university in the whole country. With its academic strength and wealth, it is considered as one of the most prestigious university.

Quick Facts

  • Established: 1891 A.D
  • Degree programs: Aeronautics and Astronautics, African and African American Studies, African Studies, Applied and Engineering Physics, Architectural Design, Asian American Studies, Bioengineering, Biomechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Comparative Literature, Creative writing, CS + Art Practice, Economics, Electrical Engineering, Film and Media Studies, History and few others.
  • Official site:

Stanford University offers 65 major academic programs for under graduation degree. This university provides free tuition fee, board, and room for families with incomes below $65,000 and students whose family income is below $125,000 are provided only free Tuition.