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USA World Cup Captain Tyler Adams Girlfriend Sarah Schmidt Is A Red Sox Fan From New Jersey And An Avid Traveler

Tyler Adams with her girlfriend Sarah Schmidt pictured after the midfielder transferred to Premier League team Leeds United earlier this year
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USA World Cup Captain Tyler Adams and his girlfriend Sarah Schmidt have been together for the past three years. Following her boyfriend on his football journey has now brought the New Jersey native to the UK.

Sarah, age 25, and Tyler, age 23, previously lived together for three years in Germany as he played for the Bundesliga team, R.B Leipzig. She shifted with him to the U.K as he transferred to Leeds United.

The midfielder was named the team captain of his country only 30 hours before their first match in the World Cup against the Gareth Bale-led side Wales. He was chosen ahead of the more experienced players like Christian Pulisic and Weston McKennie to lead his side.

The 25-year-old Sarah will celebrate her birthday on November 23, and the best gift Tyler can give to his girlfriend will be a US victory against Wales. 

Tyler Adams Girlfriend Sarah Schmidt

Tyler Adams and his girlfriend Sarah Schmidt have been together for the past three years. The couple went Instagram official in 2019 as the footballer posted their trip to Greece.

Tyler has always been known for his competitiveness and the Leeds midfielder doesn't back down even against his girlfriend, Sarah. In an interview with ESPN, the player shared that he and Sarah enjoy playing UNO but won't let his girlfriend win at all.

Sarah pictured with her boyfriend Tyler as his team RB Leipzig win the DFB Pokal trophy
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The young couple is inseparable. Whichever club Tyler has transferred Sarah has followed him to the country of that club. She was in Germany when Tyler was playing for R.B Leipzig and now she is in England as Tyler moved to Leeds United earlier this year.

In 2019, Sarah earned her business degree from the Fox School of Business at Temple University. And it couldn't have come at a better time as that was also the year, Tyler moved to Germany.

Sarah on a vacation with her boyfriend Tyler and his parents in 2020
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The family of both Tyler and Sarah certainly do not have any problem with the two living together as their family members, including their parents have been snapped together in several photographs.

Sarah is part of the Red Fox Nationa and has attended the games of the MBL team with her younger sister Brenna Coway. Like her sister, Brena has chosen to continue her higher studies at Temple University.

Tyler Adams Girlfriend Is An Avid Traveller And Has Been To More Than 30 Countries

Sarah Schmidt, the girlfriend of Tyler Adams, is an avid traveler and has been to more than 30 countries. Most of her trips have been to the gorgeous countries of Europe.

One of the first countries that Sarah might have traveled could be the island nation Fiji which she went to on a family trip in 2016. Sarah has posted a couple of photos from that trip, including pictures with the locals of the island nation.

Sarah took a trip to Sweden last year in August with her friends and boyfriend Tyler Adams
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The native of New Jersey, before she met with Tyler in 2019, traveled to Spain and Italy. Sarah has shared photos from her 2018 trip on her Instagram highlights.

The first country Sarah went to as a couple with Tyler was possibly Greece. Their photos from the Greece holiday marked their Instagram official status. After that, Sarah was seen in Germany, living together with her boyfriend for three years.

Sarah and Tyler stand in front of the gorgeous backdrop of Switzerland where they took a trip in 2020
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During her stay in Germany, Sarah visited other nations, including Denmark and Sweden. The couple has also traveled to Austria, and Sarah shared a photo of her boyfriend riding electric scooters in the streets of Vienna.

Her last rip before shifting to the UK was to Iceland, which she called her favorite out of all the 30 countries she had previously visited. Now in the UK, Sarah probably is taking her time to adjust to the weather, which is certainly not the best out of all the countries she has visited. 

Sarah Schmidt Instagram

 Sarah Schmidt is available on Instagram with the username @sarah_schmidt22 and has a following of 5.5k.

The 25-year-old has 118 posts all dedicated to her whirlwind travel around Europe with her boyfriend.

From her first post to her recent posts, Schmidt and her photos surround the theme of friends and family. Her early Instagram posts show a trip to an exotic location with friends and parents.

Sarah Schmidt, the girlfriend of Tyler Adams traveled to Iceland in 2021
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Her first post with her boyfriend Tyler came in 2019 after they moved together to Germany. Since then, Tyler has been a mainstay on her profile as the football couple travel from one location to another.

While in Germany, Sarh would share photos of her trying to absorb the culture of the country. She even participated in the famous Oktoberfest Munchen festival in Germany every year.

Schmidt also makes sure to post congratulatory and birthday tributes to her boyfriend. Currently, she is busy sharing photos from Great Britain and her back and forth trip to her home country US.