Who Is Uduak Frank Akpan? Iniubong Umoren Murderer Sentenced To Death By Court

Akwa Ibom State High Court has sentenced Uduak Akpan for the murder of Iniubong Umoren. ( Source : Naijanews )

Uduak Frank Akpan is a convicted killer. He is responsible for slaughtering Iniubong Umoren, who died on the outskirts of Uyo in April 2021.

The latest news has provided a verdict on Akpan's crime of murder. As ordered by the court, he will be sentenced to death by hanging.

Who Is Iniubong Umoren's Killer Uduak Frank Akpan?

Frank Akpan is the suspected killer of Iniubong Umoren. The 20-year-old is a native of Akwa Ibom, a state in the South-South of Nigeria.

As per the Premium News NG, the killer is a retired civil servant. He is suspected of having a mental problem. 

Talking about his family member, he is the son of Frank Akpan and the brother of Anwan Bassey (2nd and 3rd accused).

Iniubong Umoren, 26, was job-hunting in preparation for NYSC mobilization.
Iniubong Umoren, 26, was job-hunting in preparation for NYSC mobilization. ( Source : Twitter )

In the meantime, the victim, Umoren, was a bright student. The 26-year-old student of the University of Uyo (UNIUYO) was on a job hunt.

According to her college, Iniubong was seventh among the top graduating students in the 2018/2019 class, with a GPA of 4.12.

Akpan, a student and a co-defendant in the murder case, lured Umoren with a fake job interview. He kidnaped and raped her.

The body of Umoren was discovered on April 30, and her cremation ceremony was conducted on May 14, 2021.

Murder Charges On Uduak Frank Akpan 

Uduak Frank Akpan allegedly raped and murdered Iniubong Umoren on April 29, 2021. He used a 'Stabilizer' to kill her.

According to Punch News, Ms. Umoren came for her job interview; she fell into Frank's reverse psychology trap. She was asked if she could work on a farm where hard drugs were kept. Umoren had accepted the offer as a secretary while there was no such place as a farm. 

She was then allowed to engage in physical contact, which she agreed to but only after Akpan pledged to use a condom.

While things went wrong between Umoren and Akpan, the 26-year-old job seeker grabbed a stabilizer and hit Akpan. In a rage, Akpan used the same stabilizer to hit her; ultimately, Umoren died of continuous bleeding.

The 'stabiliser' Mr. Akpan was referring to was a pressing iron. After killing the woman, he buried the body in a shallow grave in his father's compound.

The police investigation revealed that Uduak Frank had previously used the same tricks with six women. 

Where Is Uduak Frank Akpan Now?

Uduak Frank Akpan was sentenced to death on Thursday, August 4, 2022. 

The defendant was found guilty of rape and murder in the more than two-hour trial by the presiding Judge, Bassey Nkanang, and given the death-by-hanging sentence.

Akpan confessed the crime to the police. Also, his telephone and text conversation with the victim was enough to put him behind bars. 

The office of the Akwa Ibom State Attorney General has also accused Akpan's father and sister of being the murder's post-mortem accomplices.

According to Police Commissioner Andrew Amiengheme, the incident was initially reported as a possible kidnapping.

However, as investigators pursued the suspects, ICT users connected on social media, and as they did so, images of the father and son appeared. This led to the father's arrest because the boy had escaped.

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