Unknown Truth On Christian Wilkins Gender, Richard Wilkins Son Logies Dress Backlash and More

Christian Wilkins with his backless dress
Christian Wilkins with his backless dress

Christian Wilkins made a statement about his gender with his  Logies Dress.Learn what we know about it.

Christian Wilkins is the son of one of Australia's most well-known entertainers, Richard Wilkins.

With pop culture in his DNA, he realized at a young age that live performance, entertainment, and fashion were his passions.

Christian is the co-host of the ACRA-nominated podcast Radical Fashionism with close friend Andy Kelly, and he has recently appeared as an E-News Fashion Correspondent.

Unknown Truth On Christian Wilkins Gender Explored

Christian Wilkins has been open about being gay and not abiding by the restrictive society rule on gender.

He has been a pround member of the LGBTQ community.Christian claims he never went through the usual "coming out" process with his family because he was "never."

According to Christian, more gay people are refusing to reveal their homosexuality publicly in a big announcement.

"He has never told either of his parents that he is gay," he stated on news.com.au's program Balls Deep.

He doesn't believe there was ever any assumption that he was inherently gay or that I needed to say something."

Christian's sexuality has never been discussed with his father until lately. But, despite his current confidence, Christian wasn't always this way.

It took him some time to get himself together and gain the confidence he now has.

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Christian Wilkins Logies Dress Controversy

Christian Wilkins stunned on the red carpet at the Logies in a backless gown.

Christian was a fan favorite as he appeared on the red carpet in a sheer backless gown, his beach blonde hair down, and a long pearl look at the collarbone.

He completed the ensemble with hefty black boots, which turned heads as he went down the carpet.

Christian, on the other hand, had many fans who praised him for embracing a proudly feminine appearance.

A Twitter troll chastised him for wearing a gown to the Logie Awards on Sunday night.

On Tuesday, the anonymous user @SaraVic333 tweeted that guys wearing women's clothing is "not normal," adding, "STOP normalising this bulls**t!!!"

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