Untold Truth On Amy Degise Hit and Run Case As Tom Degise Daughter Resigns

Amy Degise Facebook photo
Amy Degise Facebook photo

The alleged hit-and-run incident involving Amy Degise was documented on film. At the council meeting on Wednesday, dozens and dozens of Jersey City residents begged Degise to give up her at-large council seat.

In an opinion piece for Hudson County View, Chris Gadsen, a former city councilman, said that Fulop and his city council candidates would wait until September 1 to pressure Degise to leave.

Amy Degise, a councilwoman for Jersey City, has had her hit-and-run case transferred to Essex County.

Untold Truth On Amy Degise Hit and Run Case

On July 19, Degise was captured on security footage, striking a cyclist who had run a red light, then driving off. When she reported the collision to Jersey City Police six hours later, she was charged with failing to report an accident and action in case of an accident, a legal phrase for a hit-and-run.

Degise is one of the three at-large city council members for Jersey City. Until recently, she presided over the Hudson County Democratic Committee, widely regarded as one of the most potent political organizations in the state of New Jersey.

Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise has faced scrutiny and calls to resign over her hit-and-run last month.
Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise has faced scrutiny and calls to resign over her hit-and-run last month.( Source : hudsonreporter )

She has been viewed as the heir who will take over her father Tom Degise's political organization when he retires. Tom Degise is the executive of Hudson County.

Activists including James Solomon and Frank Gilmore, two city council members, are now pushing for Degise to step down. Mayor Steven Fulop, who is anticipated to run for governor in 2025, lambasted Degise but refrained from demanding her ouster.

In 2018, a rare open election was held to elect Degise to the county committee head position, revealing discord within Hudson County Democrats. However, according to Solomon and others, the party's key factions just forged a power-sharing agreement, ushering in a new era of peace.

Tom Degise Daughter Amy Degise Resigns After Hit And Run Case

A problematic Jersey City councilor received fresh resignation petitions on Wednesday night. Amy Degise's alleged hit-and-run incident was captured on camera.

Numerous Jersey City residents pleaded with Degise to resign her at-large council seat during the Wednesday council meeting.

If you care about the people of this city, their health, and their safety, Amy Degise, you must resign immediately. Resign immediately. Someone said. We are appealing to you to leave, a different person said.

Degise, for her part, confronted her detractors but kept quiet as the scrutiny increased, as CBS2's Nick Caloway recounts.

Is Amy Degise Getting Arrested?

Her position as an at-large city councilwoman and the fact that she is the daughter of Hudson County Executive Tom Degise may have contributed to the change in location.

Since the event, Degise has not made any major public appearances, but this morning she attended the City Council's caucus meeting. This Wednesday at 6 p.m., the council will meet as usual.

The case of Degise, who struck a bicycle in Jersey City in July without stopping, will be heard in the Special Remand Court of the Essex County Superior Court, the Jersey Journal reported on Friday. She was initially supposed to appear in court today in Jersey City Municipal Court.

Degise was accused of hitting cyclist Andrew Black on July 19 but has rejected calls for his resignation. He also waited six hours before reporting the incident to the police. Black was hurt in the event, although just slightly.

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