Wondering which vegetables are easy and super fast to grow? From pots to the ground, there are some faster-growing vegetables to suit the garden of every size.

Unlike watermelon, peppers, tomatoes, which are notorious for longer growing season, there are several delicious and healthy vegetables that are quick to harvest.

Here is our quick overview of top 10 fastest growing vegetables to get your house garden jumpstarted!

1. Arugula

Generally, Arugula is used as salad and sometimes as a substitute of basil pesto. They are of bite-sized with a peppery flavor.

This veggie was very familiar a century ago and then people started neglecting it; however, it has started gaining credit once again because of its health benefits and taste.

A very interesting thing about this veggie is that it is also known as rocket and rucola because of how rapidly it grows.

This fast-growing cool-season vegetable is a green leaf that is currently a chef’s favorite from all around the globe. Mainly because it adds a tender tangy and peppery or mustard-like taste to salads.

Growing arugula from seed is pretty easy, either in your pot or in your garden! All you need to do is compost the soil and then gently sow the seeds and within few days it will be ready to harvest.

And if you wish to grow this vegetable during the summer months, try harvesting it under shade, otherwise, it will mature too fast.