Who Is Victoria Baez? Bel Fries NYC Assault Employee Over 1.75 Dollars

Bel-fries' famous potatoes ( Source : Bel-Fries )

We often hear news about customers misbehaving with the staff of hotels and cafeterias and think in disdain. A similar case has occurred in Manhattan, where three women have been reported to vandalizing a restaurant.

These women, who appeared to be drunk at the moment, started smashing the restaurant's properties over a minor issue, leading to a big disaster. Read further to know what happened at Bel-Air.

Who Is Victoria Baez? 

Victoria Baez is an employee of Bel-Air, Manhattan, New York, who is a victim of a recent restaurant mishap created by three irrational women.

In detail, a Bel-Fries restaurant on Manhattan's Lower East Side was destroyed by three women as they threw glass bottles and other things at the hotel staff. The shocking incident was caught in a video taken by Noticias Univision 41.

Victoria, one of the employees and sufferers of the vandalism, stated in a cracked voice that the attackers spat tequila and chili sauce in her face, impairing her vision.

Three women assaulting employees at Bel-Fries, Manhattan
Three women assaulting employees at Bel-Fries, Manhattan ( Source : News-Dayfr-Com )

Baez, in her mid-20s, said that in her 22 years living in the US and 15 years in customer service, she had never experienced anything like it. But, she added, "I have a son, and I often take him to work. That day, I did not. But the idea that he could have been there terrifies me."

This horrible deed occurred on July 4, Sunday, at the restaurant located at 132 Ludlow Street around 4 a.m. Everyone knew this was serious as one of the workers required hospitalization for head injuries, bleeding, and high blood pressure. 

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2 More Women Assaulted Bel-Fries Employee Over 1.75 Dollars; Were They Arrested?

So, why did this horrible thing happen in the first place? It was at the angst of 1.75 dollars!

The incident was captured on video by chef Rafael Nunez who stated, "They wanted more sauce for the potatoes and when we told them it was $1.75, they got pissed off and that's where it all started.

The women did not grasp when we emphasized that it's the restaurant policy to charge for the extra sauce which applies to everyone. Thus, the whole catastrophe happened for a mere 1.75 dollars. 

According to the workers, the three women, Pearl Ozaria (27), Chitara Plasencia (25), and Tatiyanna Johnson (23) appeared to be intoxicated and started hurling and breaking anything in their path.

Chef Rafael told that they stole the money, destroyed the computers in the establishment, and broke the cash register, and the sauce pumps. While all this was not enough, they even threatened the employees with death and were about to use a Taser.

And, what's even more terrible is that everyone else in the restaurant saw it as a joke and laughed; nobody saw them. In the video, we can witness how the men in the background were shouting enthusiastically, encouraging those three women, and recording everything with their mobile phones. 

As the incident was reported to the police and they arrived at the restaurant, the women left the business, however, the cops managed to catch up and stop them. Reportedly, the New York Police Department has confirmed the arrests of these three women.

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