BBC Breakfast Presenter Victoria Fritz Relation With Husband Dan Fritz, Why She Has No Ring?

BBC Breakfast Presenter Victoria Fritz during her show
BBC Breakfast Presenter Victoria Fritz during her show( Source : everipedia )

The famous BBC Presenter Victoria Fritz was introduced with a different surname which led to confusion among the viewers about her relationship.

After some time, she revealed her split from her husband, Dan Fritz.

Fritz began her reporting career with Reuters, who was in charge of "Breaking news" from May 2008 until September 2008. She joined the BBC in September 2008 as a lead broadcast journalist on BBC News following her time at Reuters, and she remained there until April 2013.

Why Does Victoria Fritz Have No Wedding Ring? 

The internet broke when Victoria Fritz, the beloved wife of Dan Fritz, came across without her wedding ring on her finger.

The BBC Breakfast Presenter had no idea it would make such big of an issue. But the internet went frenzy after not seeing the wedding ring. Due to her outstanding abilities as a news presenter, Victoria Fritz has built a considerable fan base over the years

Meanwhile, many fanciers have observed that she regularly forgets to put her wedding ring on when performing in the studio. Now, she may have some reason for wearing it, or the most subtle answer might be that she forgot to wear it.

However, the buzz went all over the internet regarding his relationship with his husband, Dan. There were speculations that the couple might be heading toward the bifurcation of their marriage. 

The mystery remains as she has never made any statement on the topic and never explained why she chose not to wear the ring. Nevertheless, Victoria is still married to Dan, and they are most probably living in a happy state.

Is Victoria Fritz Still Living With Her Husband?

No, Victoria Fritz has not lived with her husband since her split with him in October 2022.

In addition, she has not posted anything on her Instagram since 2020. She used to upload pictures of her husband, Dan, which adds more skepticism.

Dan and Victoria had a baby together in 2016. She gave birth in Manchester, hundreds of miles from her home in London and her husband. She said her water almost broke out while she was on air presenting on BBC Breakfast.

Victoria Fritz with Dan Fritz with their children.
Victoria Fritz with Dan Fritz with their children. ( Source : irishmirror )

Shortly after she presented the day's business news live on air from the BBC Breakfast Salford studios in Greater Manchester, she went into labor five weeks early than the scheduled date.

Besides, her husband Dan is the exact opposite of Victoria regarding being near media outlets. While she is presenting on the media 24/7, Dan rarely comes forward and likes to stay out of the limelight.

Why Did Victoria Fritz Split With Dan Fritz?

Victoria Fritz mentions her split reasons as a private on her blog posting on Twitter.

She mentions that " she had the wellbeing of her two young kids to consider. She also added," Its no longer fits," which she explained as the reason for her surname change. In the re-crafting and the re-casting, I’ve discovered my name matters. And so I am changing it. 

Dan Fritz has not posted anything regarding their split on any social media.

Victoria Valentine explained that she is not returning to her maiden name but instead taking her mother’s maiden name as a sign of her Irish ancestry.

Many of her co-presenters and fans explained her name change as beautiful and suited to her.

One fan wrote," It can't be easy being a divorced mum with a demanding TV career. I wish Victoria nothing but the best, and her new surname certainly suits her! ;-)

Another wrote Valentine sounds fine as a surname until you place Victoria in front of it. Then it sounds like a certain type of film star.

These comments praise her as a proud single mother of two kids.