Video Of Namhla Mtwa Being Beaten Goes Viral On Twitter And Facebook

( Source : Africanewz )

Currently, the video of Namhla Mtwa, who was brutally beaten and was gunned down in her vehicle, has gone viral on Twitter and Facebook.

The death of Mtwa, 35, has once again brought to light South Africa's gender-based violence epidemic.

An appeal is being made for anybody who has important information that might help the investigating team's work and lead to the suspect's arrest to kindly share it with the lead investigator," Mene stated.

Eastern Cape Premier Oscar Mabuyane has called on police to examine claims of gender-based crime and femicide in connection with Mtwa's murder as soon as possible. Similarly, the EFF in the Eastern Cape is planning a march on Wednesday to the Mthatha central police station to demand answers over Mtwa's killing.

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The Video Of Namhla Mtwa Being Beaten Goes Viral On Twitter And Facebook

Many people have shared the video of Namhla Mtwa being beaten. The video has been boosted on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. In the video, Mtwa was tied and beaten up by his boyfriend.

A controversial video is trending, and South Africans are outraged after seeing such heinous footage.

In the viral video, Namhla is shown nude on the bed while her evil long-term lover, Bhekezulu Tents, continues to flog her with what appears to be a belt. From another angle, it seems to be a long black electric cable.

Mtwa begged him to allow her to rest and heal from the injuries he reportedly caused, but he threatened to hurt her more, according to the screenshots. She allegedly stated that her injuries kept her from driving and that she needed to visit a doctor. The pictures also appear to show a lengthy message from Mtwa apologizing for failing him.

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What Happened To Namhla Mtwa?

Those who are hearing about this incident for the first time might be curious about what happened to Namhla Mtwa. Mtwa, a 35-year-old OR Tambo municipal worker, was fired nine times in her car on April 21 after reaching her Mthatha home in Sidwadwa.

She was found dead on the spot with bullet wounds to her upper body. As a result of the event, no one has been charged.

According to News24, officials have shifted their focus to Bhekizulu, her 41-year-old businessman's lover, after the Singwa Namhla family accessed her smartphone and discovered disturbing texts allegedly written by him.

Mtwa's lover, Mfesane Bhekizulu, is not detained because he is suspected of murder. Further investigation and police have not uncovered the identity of the killer. Mene stated on Saturday that the police had started looking for the culprit.