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Vinicius Jr Was Born To Parents Jose Paixao de Oliveira And Tatiana Vinicius

Vinicius Jr is one of the rising stars for Brazil.
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Vinicius Jr was born to parents Jose Paixao de Oliveira and Tatiana Vinicius. Vini Jr talked about his family origin in his documentary Vini For Real.

In episode 5 of his documentary, Jr stated that football was his family's breadwinner. He spent time in his grandmother's home in Sao Gancaolo and later moved to live in Sao Paulo. 

Vinicius Jr is one of the rising talents in the world of football. The winger will likely be a key man for the Brazilian squad in the Fifa World Cup 2022. Vini also had recently acquired Spanish nationality, and his club Real Madrid confirmed the news in September 2022.

With the World Cups in mind, fans are curious to know about Vini Jr's family roots. He will play in Brazil's group stage match against Serbia on Friday, 24, 2022.

Vinicius Jr Parents

Vinicius Jr was born to parents Vinicius Jose Paixao de Oliveira and Tatiana Vinicius. His birthdate is July 12, 2000.

The football star was born in Sao Goncalo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His first football experience started in Rio de Janeiro's rundown suburb. However, it was in Spain where his professional career took momentum.

Vinicius Jr had posted a wish to his mom during this year's Mother's Day.
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Like many Brazilian kids with dreams, Vinicius Junior began his education in 2006. He first enrolled in one of the 125 Brazilian Flamengo schools. His parents waited until he was seven years old before they could leave him to play professional football.

He was nine years old when his parents brought him for a trial at the Flamengo academy. At this time, Vinicius Junior's parents hoped to transition their son from a Futsal player to an academy football player. Although the club thought he had talent, they told him to come back a year later. Ultimately, Vinicius made a permanent return to futsal to avoid being idle.

Young Vinicius Jr in a Flamingo jersey.
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It was not always simple for the parents of Vinicius Junior to put food on the table because they were from a modest family with two brothers and a sister. However, things went smoothly with the help of his diligent uncle Ulysses.

Vini's futsal practice area was just a quick ferry ride from Rio de Janeiro. Things started well because his parents could pay to transport their son. However, the family's finances were depleted, so it was hard for him to move to Europe.

Vinicius Jr's Family Roots

Vinicius Jr's parents have African roots. Like many players of the Brazilian national team, his ancestors have migrated to the South American nation to live a good life. They were reportedly from western Africa.

According to the Rich Athletes, Jr's father, Vinicius Jose Paixao de Oliveira, traveled more than 400 km to Sao Paulo to find work. Meanwhile, his mother looked after all her kids at their home in Sao Goncalo.

Vini Jr's family during his 18th birthday celebration.
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Nevertheless, the parents witnessed their son's success very early. Today Jr is one of the world's highest-paid youngsters, earning around 270,000 euros per week. He is the most expensive player playing in the Fifa World Cup 2022. 

Vinicius Jr has stated that he is very proud of his roots. In his documentary, which was published in 2020, Jr said: "To deny our roots is to despise the foundation that sustains us. I am proud of my origins, family, and friends."

" Being born and living in a place with many needs is not easy... but the soccer ball was always there... a faithful companion, and the symbol of a dream and a better future."

Vinicius Jr Is Very Close To His Family

Vinicius Jr is exceptionally close to his parents and three siblings. One of his brothers goes by the name Netinho Vinicius.

The Real Madrid superstar usually shares photos with his family on his handle @vinijr, with a massive 24.6 million followers.

Vini Jr with his family members.
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Vini celebrated Mother's day on May 10, 2022, following which the winger posted a picture with his mom behind a cake. In addition, he had written a warm wish for his mom.

Jr had written in Brazilian, "Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, especially mothers, grandmothers, and sisters! You deserve the best things in the world, and I thank God for honoring and helping you! Thank you for everything, especially for putting up with all my friends (I know it's not easy and me. Love you! ??."

Vini Jr with with his family members in Rio de Janeiro.
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The winger's uncle, Ullyses, has also played a significant role in his success. When his parents had financial difficulties, Vini stayed close to the Flamingo training academy at his uncle's home in Abolicao.

Reports also suggest Vinicius has not left their parent's home in Brazil, and his parents still manage his finances.