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Wanya Morris And His Wife Amber Reyes-Morris Celebrated Their Third Anniversary On September 2022

Wanya and Amber posed with their bridesmaids and best man on their wedding
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Wanya Morris wife Amber Reyes-Morris is the founder and CEO of L.A. Laser Spa. Wanya and Amber tied the knot on September 8, 2019.

The famous American singer is better known for being in an R&B group called Boys II Men. He and other members co-founded the group in high school, and their songs were really popular.

Their song, It's The End of the Road, was listed in the Billboard chart for 13 weeks and broke Elvis Presley's record. Other than being a singer, Morris is also an excellent dancer. He was a competitor in season 22 of Dancing With The Stars in 2016.

His partner was famous dancer Lindsay Arnold, but they did not make it to the show's final.

Wanya Is Married To A Businesswoman

Wanya Morris wife Amber Reyes-Morris founded Laser Spa in Los Angeles. LA Laser Spa was considered the best Laser Spa in the year 2022. 

She has extended her spa's branches to Maui and Ohau as well. Amber announced that she was proud to turn her hobby of skincare into a business and is planning to extend her business to other cities too. 

Amber was raised on a small island in Hawaii and was ready to face all the challenges and opportunities that would turn her dreams into a reality. 

As her business grew, she was listed in the Top 20 Women of The Year in Deluxe Version Magazine in 2022. 

Wanya posted a picture with Amber and their pet on their first year anniversary
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Wanya and Amber Reys Relationship

The first picture that Wanya posted with his current spouse Amber was back in 2018. He posted a picture with Amber and mentioned in the caption that her honor is the best form of flattery.

They have been inseparable since then and have been to multiple places together. Since Wanya is a singer, he and his girlfriend. Amber went to the Grammy Awards in 2019. He shared a picture of them on the red carpet. 

Wanya proposed to Amber in September 2019 and made a surprise proposal at the beach in Aruba. 

Wanya posted a picture with Amber and their pet on their first year anniversary
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They have even traveled outside of the United States. In January 2020, the couple went to Dubai and shared pictures on their Instagram. 

In February 2020, Wanya posted a picture with his girl Amber while they were watching a basketball match and mentioned in the caption that he would be nothing without her. 

In the same month, he took his mom to Amber's beauty salon, and in the picture, Amber was styling his mom's hair. He wrote in the caption that his queen is taking care of the queen.

Wanya posted a picture with his spouse and mentioned that she is also like his best friend
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Wanya and Amber married on September 8, 2020, with their close friends and family. They got married in front of their close friends and family.

They got married the same day they decided to date each other and were happy to be together. Morris mentioned that they met each other as friends and got close as time passed. 

In September 2021, the couple celebrated their second anniversary, and Morris wrote that he found a miracle within his spouse. 

Amber and Morris are happily living together now with their family in the United States. 

She Is A Mother Of Six Children

Wanya Morris has 6 children with his former wife Traci Nash. Wanya and Traci have four boys and two girls.

Before Amber, Wanya was in a marital relationship with a girl named Traci. They married in 2002, and the pair dated for 14 years. 

When Morris was a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, he mentioned that he was supported a lot by his spouse Traci and would not have been there without her love and support. 

Anya Morris shared a family picture with her siblings and her mom Traci in August 2021
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However, the couple split later, and the reason for their divorce has not been made public yet.

Wanya Morris Sons Are Singers

Morris has four sons who are part of a boy band named WanMor. They are young but have received much attention and love for their music.

Wanya's four boys are Big Boy, Chulo, Tyvas, and Rocco, and they formed the band a long time back. The boys have performed at multiple shows and also at different schools. 

Morris' son released their song, Every Pretty Girl In The City in 2022
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Since their father is also an artist, they did inherit musical talent within them as well. Wanya always mentions that he is proud of his children and loves seeing them grow.

Wanya Has Two Daughters

Wanya Morris daughters are Shyla and Anya Morris. His elder daughter Anya is a Biology major and is also musically inclined. 

Anya has also shared some videos of her singing and has also sung with her brothers. 

Anya Morris did a background vocals for Lil Uzi in March 2020
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However, the information about her younger daughter Shyla is unavailable as she is young. But she does appear in her brother's videos and content. 

Wanya Morris Family

Wanya Morris was born in Philadelphia to his parents Carla Morris and Dallas Thornton. He was one of four siblings in the family. 

Morris's parents never married each other and they split with each other when he was pretty young. However, he is quite close to his parents and loves them dearly. 

In February 2020, he posted a picture of him conversing with his mom and mentioned that she loves to talk a lot. 

The information about his siblings is not publicized yet, and Wanya doesn't talk much about them either.