Holidays are meant to be relaxed, unwind and happy. It is our favorite part of years, from school until the time of retirement. It was fun then, today and will always be. As we were in school we used to plan before 4 months on how we are going to celebrate those best days.

And it used to come to sleepover at best friends’ house, family trips, and full of ice-creams and cakes parties and more and more. But brats these days are all bound inside the gadgets and internet. I mean they are shallow and becoming ‘lame’ (in their language).

We can’t go door to door to explain those sad souls the real tang or essence of vacation. So, here is this how to enjoy your school vacation with a bang based article for them. These ideas are fun and give you the real meaning of vacation without technology stuff.

After that excessive pre-planning and wishes, some of us luckless are left at home. And we can’t have fun doing anything for ourselves. But, don’t worry much we can utilize that long time for dandifying our living room.

Involve in the transformation of your room, make it as you want. Create your dream room you were craving for that you saw in Korean dramas. Paint the way you like, get some eye-catching hangings on the wall.

Draw your feelings you wanted to spill over since a long time. Get some fluorescent moons and stars. After complete make-over, your family and friends will have to second glace to recognize your old boring room. Let them regret not staying with you and get such electrifying room as yours.