Holidays are meant to be relaxed, unwind and happy. It is our favorite part of years, from school until the time of retirement. It was fun then, today and will always be. As we were in school we used to plan before 4 months on how we are going to celebrate those best days.

And it used to come to sleepover at best friends’ house, family trips, and full of ice-creams and cakes parties and more and more. But brats these days are all bound inside the gadgets and internet. I mean they are shallow and becoming ‘lame’ (in their language).

We can’t go door to door to explain those sad souls the real tang or essence of vacation. So, here is this how to enjoy your school vacation with a bang based article for them. These ideas are fun and give you the real meaning of vacation without technology stuff.


Add Some Crisp in Your Room


After that excessive pre-planning and wishes, some of us luckless are left at home. And we can’t have fun doing anything for ourselves. But, don’t worry much we can utilize that long time for dandifying our living room.

Involve in the transformation of your room, make it as you want. Create your dream room you were craving for that you saw in Korean dramas. Paint the way you like, get some eye-catching hangings on the wall.

Draw your feelings you wanted to spill over since a long time. Get some fluorescent moons and stars. After complete make-over, your family and friends will have to second glace to recognize your old boring room. Let them regret not staying with you and get such electrifying room as yours.

Pack for City Treks

Though you have checked in all the exciting spots in your hometown, there would be left some great places yet to be explored. You might not know much about lanes and locations. Get on your sneakers and roam over those hidden treasures.

You can ask your friends to join and go on motorbikes or by foot. Get on correct tracks by carrying maps. Discuss your hobbies and goals during the walks.

At the end of the day, you will surely return home with a big bright smile. And what more is, you will start to plan for next visit to your city which has offered you uncountable happiness today. Trips are always not necessary to be far and extravagant, what you need is a passion to learn new things.


Go to Old Age Homes

Generally, holidays are meant to be fun and fire for us but apart that stereotype there are lots of other factors to be gained at this time. Why not get proud of doing something that different and worth doing?

Stopover an old age homes in your city, you can find several such homes escalated along with modernization. You can go there with some of your friends to make the meeting more memorable. There you can discover the new experience with the pain as well as happy talks of senior citizens.

Old people in those homes will be overwhelmed with your visit. No doubt, they will laugh and cry with you as their own grandchildren. No other vacation will give you heavenly satisfaction as this one does though with zero expenses.

Be a Play Master


This vacation, get yourself in a real task that is full of excitement and creativity. Rehearsal in your favorite plays whichever character you like or can represent better. It is going to keep you busier and thrilled rather being on a beach vacation.

Ask your family to collaborate with you to make rehearsal more efficient. Get into character, dialogues, and practice until your desired result comes. A day before school, enact the play in front of your most generous audience ‘family’.

Pick the proper costume appropriate for your character; create a stage with astonishing artworks and suitable lights. Make a whole schedule and finally, call your friends and families. Time to rock and roll, this act can not only create cheerful environment but also boost your ability in group activities.

Join Workshops

Okay well, time for another fun task that you will never say ‘No’ for. As we all human possess some kind of passion for something like mechanism, culinary or art or other. So, why not shift this fun vacation into learning vacation?

Join the workshops as per your interest in nurturing your passion a bit. There have been running various workshops for making school vacation more worthy. Such places support children to enjoy their hobby.

Attend any workshop and do something beautiful to your beloved person at the end. If you have learned culinary, prepare dinner. Or, if have learned art, you can create some decorative creations for placing your room.


Have a Bang-Bang Party Each Week


Who said you can’t catch up with your friends during vacation? Actually, this is the time to make a most amusing memory with them. You can plan on getting together or out in a beautiful location that you guys were planning for.

And the best idea is yet to come, why not arrange a theme party every week. Select a theme and pick up a suitable venue for everyone. There are several fantastic themes for girls like Barbie, Snow-White, Ballerina or Cinderella.

If you are boys there are too many choices including Superman theme, vampire theme or you can also go to football. And for costumes, don’t rush to the supermarket rather you can make your own handmade dress at less expense. Now, this one is going to be the real deal with enjoyment.

Hit for Adventure Sports

Oh darling, let’s be adventurers. Life is itself a great adventure but yet you are still school so you need more time to experience it. So, why not engage in some adventure sports until that? But fellas, make sure you are getting on fleek with some elders around you.

Involve your friends too because there is no fun alone while playing. Go to the closest sports center that would offer you adventurous games. Go over whatever sport you got thrilled for like rafting, kayaking, bungee jump, rock-climbing and more.

Don’t make things messed up by choosing odd sports that your friends are afraid of. Be risk-free, enjoy your vacation in a daring way.


Be a Sleeping Beauty

It’s time to complete your most wished wish during school; sleeping day and night all 24*7. You might wonder like- who sleeps on vacation? But honey, after hectic school days and bundle of vacation homework all you need is adequate sleep. Cause it solves everything.

You will be free of tiredness and dark-circles that were making you dull in this vibrant season. So get into that magical treatment before indulging yourself into a fun-filled vacation. Be refreshed and out of every stress of school and home.

You can’t cherish your holidays as desperate you were if your body has less energy. Therefore, cuddle with your favorite pillow and sleep and sleep and sleep until your brain says “it’s more than enough”.

Solve that Homework ASAP


Yes, you need to complete your homework first cause it is harmful to amusement stuff. We all know they make fun things tasteless and less enjoyable. Hence, sort out the things related to school before beginning the entertainment. You can also make your homework time happy one with music and food around you.

Try to complete your homework as the vacation begins, stick to books until you finish it. Thereafter, you can involve whatever you want without zero guilt. You don’t need to worry regarding your vacation work on the way to holiday trip if you close them at the right time.

Just get done your homework thinking that it is going to reduce your fun by 99% if you left them incomplete. So, rather than having not so happening vacation finish that craps first. And, also you will be saved later from punishment for not carrying out your homework.

Create a Scrapbook Following Your Vacation

Right before you had an overwhelming, full of adventure filled vacation. Those moments are worth preserving, right? Obviously, so take snaps of each thing you go through whatever it be sports, parties, travel or workshop. And as Ansel Adams said, “There no rules for good photos, there are only good photographs.”

Capture everyday things you do during your holidays from old age homes to homework, just everything. And finally, attach them to your stamp album with a short description of date and place. Cause those moments are never going to be back but will just paste in your mind.

For more fun, you can ask your friends to join you while doing this task and tell them to write brief notes for you o the scrapbook. Ask them to write how important you are in their life and what is friendship for them. You can never have such precious school vacation every time, right?