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What Does Shital Patel Do For A Living? Netflix Matchmaking Contestant Job & Age

‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 2: Meet Newcomer Shital Patel!

Shital Patel, raised in Edison, New Jersey, has always believed that coming from an Asian household strengthened her fundamental principles and shaped her personality.

Patel attributes her ability to believe in herself to her upbringing and way of life.

Sheetal, an Indian woman raised in a family, was upset because she wanted to pursue a career in medicine or decision-making.

What Does Shital Patel Do For A Living? Her Job

Indian Matchmaking season 2's Patel is one of the show's participants.

Hindi matchmaking single does a regular job and participates in charitable activities. Patel makes its line of unprocessed, all-natural snacks.

At the time of her graduation, Patel was a pre-dentist. Despite this, Patel did not fully comprehend her desire for a career in business until after receiving her degree.

In her work, Sheetal greatly benefited from her uncle's advice. She currently works on core deals for an energy firm, helping clients manage their complete energy financial strategies and management objectives. She views her energy-industry-experienced uncle as her coach. Patel was given a chance to labor in his vicinity for his gain.


One of the newcomers to the upcoming season is Sheetal Patel, who is reaching her forties. The New Yorker presents herself as "a young woman with extraordinary dreams" in internet entertainment.

Patel was interested and in need of a cosmetic facelift on the Bravo Network series "a Guy's World," which premiered in October 2019.

Growing up in an Asian family in Edison, New Jersey, Sheetal Patel has always believed that this experience strengthened her fundamental values and shaped the person she is today. Patel attributes her ability to believe in herself to her upbringing and way of life.

Is Shital Patel Still Married?

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta are firmly in bond till now as they don't hesitate to share their relationship publically.

After learning that Niraj Mehta has a big heart, is passionate, considerate, and compliments Shital in every way possible, the two fell in love.

Through her sister, Shital Patel met Niraj, a Miami-based choreographer and radiation oncologist. She has come to feel that he is "the one" because he is an honest and forthright man.

One of the many reasons she stated that she would move to Florida was because of him is that she cherished the fact that they were open with one other about their intimate relationship.


Over 1,200 miles away, in Miami, Niraj resides. The couple was next seen there, and Shital revealed that Niraj felt at home there, which was something she had never felt outside of her own family.

Shital said to him, wanting to build a family and have children, "If a home with you is Miami, then... it's Miami."

She said during confessional, "I'm just ear to ear beaming." "I adore him with all my heart; I will never again discover this type of love, so I'm incredibly pleased."

I've never felt at home with a significant partner, Shital said in the series, "but I feel at home with my parents and my sisters." "I immediately felt at ease and secure when I first met you. Like, home is wherever you are."

The corporate employee naturally experiences the same emotions as the doctor who blends medication with activity for improved healthcare and reciprocates the sentiment before announcing in a confessional that he is "absolutely in love."

Shital Patel Instagram Photos

Shital is somewhat independent, likes to express herself, and frequently advertises her Instagram posts.

On this website, she is active. She has been aggressively accepting endorsements and using her social media platforms for company endorsements. She also frequently shares information about the shops, intimates, and beauty products she buys to supplement her income.

Her Instagram profile makes it quite evident that she is a fashion model who frequently posts her images for the company she represents. Her Instagram account has been updated entirely with brand marketing.

She is an inspiration to many young ladies out there.