What Happened To Francis Katungin On Deadliest Catch? Hit By A Crab Pot And Death Facts

Francis Katungin Met An Accident Hitting By A Crab Pot

The entire world found out about the accident of Francis Katungin on May 3, 2022, after being hit by a crab pot. With profound sadness and an uneasy heart, his family members and loved ones, as well as colleagues, announced the sudden accident of their beloved family members.

How bad the injuries were, and did he receive medical attention? Did he survive? Where is Francis Katungin now? These are the common questions projected by the netizens. This article will answer these questions by covering Katungin's boat accident and its consequences. Read further to find out.

Obituary: Francis Katungin's Death; Hit By A Crab Pot 

Around two months ago, the news of Francis Katungin's accident circulated via social media posts and websites as the man met a boat accident. Francis was seriously injured after being hit by a crab pot which required immediate medical attention. The dangerous accident occurred on the set of "Deadliest Catch" as Katungin was one of the crewmen of the show.


The deadliest catch is a reality show where fishermen face deadly dangers, uncertainty, and discomfort aboard fishing vessels in the Bering Sea, mainly during the Alaskan king crab, snow crab, and bairdi crab.

The tragedy came for the ship Patricia Lee, the same boat in which deckhand Todd Kochutin was injured and died, and eight months later, Francis Katungin was crushed by a crab pot. The incident required a harrowing helicopter rescue in the middle of a storm, and during the evacuation, another crew member required emergency medical attention.

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What Happened To Francis On Deadliest Catch?

The grave occurrence took place on the episode of April 26, 2022. As the water was choppy then and one wave exploded on the deck, a crab pot struck Francis Katungin. As a result, he was crushed and trapped between the pot and the boat railing.

The crew officer, Rip Carlton, was taken aback as he knew what had previously happened to Todd. He moved quickly to investigate what was going on when he discovered that Francis was in a lot of pain. According to Carlton, Katungin might have a squashed hip and a rushed soul higher up to request a clinical flight.

As the night grew longer, so did the water, and it was extremely low for the aircraft to get on board as much as possible. The weather became quite unsettling as the boat made its way through an icy storm to meet the Coast Guard helicopter.

Despite strong winds and high seas, a man was hoisted onto the deck of the chopper. Afterward, Francois made it safely aboard the chopper, but the main concern was whether anyone was dying inside. 

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Where Is Francis Katungin Now? Deadliest Catch Deckhand's Death Reports

While the news of his death has been revolving around the Internet from the day of his accident, we don't have any current information on his health. Likewise, the whereabouts of Francis Katungin have also not been disclosed. 


No matter where he is, we wish him peace and speedy recovery as such injuries take a long time to heal.

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