What Happened To Gabrielle Haugh Feet? Was She Injured While Filming Fortress: Sniper's Eye

People are fascinated by Gabrielle Haugh's long and beautiful feet. As she stopped posting her picture on her Instagram, many are worried about her gorgeous legs and health.

Gabrielle Haugh is a talented model and an actress who is playing the role of Zoe in the upcoming movie Fortress: Sniper's Eye which features actors like Bruce Willis.

Gabrielle is majorly known for her role as Jade Michaels on the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives and Laura in the hit dramatic series 13 Reasons Why.

What Happened To Gabrielle Haugh's Feet?

Rumors are flying around that something might have happened to Gabrielle Haugh's feet but nothing has surfaced yet.

There are huge speculations that she might have hurt her feet since she stopped posting pictures of herself on IG. But this might all be a hoax as there is no information about her health.

Fans may have been searching for her legs as she has long slender dazzling legs. The 26 years old model indeed has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall.

As a model, she also likes to display and showcase her feet charismatically, and that may be the reason her legs are most searched for.

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Was Gabrielle Haugh Injured While Filming Fortress: Sniper's Eye?

There is no specific news that Gabrielle Haugh was injured while Filming Fortress: Sniper's Eye. But she might be taking some time off now to take care of herself.

The shooting of the film went smooth with no complications and will be released on 29 April 2022. Then we will be able to see her giving a brilliant and shining performance.

The plot follows around Robert played by Bruce Willis, who is a retired U.S. intelligence officer in a top-secret resort.

Another brilliant actor Chad Michael Murray is most probably the main villain of the movie. He has already won our hearts in One Tree Hill and Gilmore Girls and now he is portraying the most stunning character ever.

Meet Gabrielle Haugh On Instagram

Gabrielle Haugh is available on Instagram under the handle name @gabrielleghaugh.

On her Ig also, she can be seen showing her bountiful legs, some days on a beach and some days while doing photoshoots.

Gabrielle also hangs out a lot with her boyfriend Jason Agron and her lovely dogs.

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