What Happened To Jessica Dorrell After Bobby Petrino Affair? Husband Josh Morgan From Arkansas

Jessica Dorrell worked at the University of Arkansas sports department. ( Source : Businessinsider )

Jessica Dorrell served as the student-athlete development coordinator for the University of Arkansas football team until April 1, 2012. On that day, she was forced into the public eye as it was revealed that she was the mistress of head football coach Bobby Petrino.

Full NameJessica Dorrell
Previously Employed AtUniversity of Arkansas
PostStudent Athlete Development Coordinator
Previous ProfessionArkansas Volleyball Player
Ex-BoyfriendBobby Petrino
HusbandJosh Morgan

What Happened To Jessica Dorrell Arkansas?

Jessica Dorrell gave her resignation from her position at the University of Arkansas.

The resignation came five days after she was given paid administrative leave by the institution when her relationship with the coach, Bobby Petrino came to light. Bobby is a father to four children.

Jessica Dorrell resigned from her post at the University of Arkansas.
Jessica Dorrell resigned from her post at the University of Arkansas. ( Source : jobsnhire )

The relationship came into the public eye after an accident that involved both of them. Dorrell had been having an improper connection with the coach when the tragedy occurred on April 1. 

Petrino Chose Dorrell For The Position Of Student-Athlete Development Coordinator

Dorrell was selected for the post of student-athlete development coordinator by Petrino, acting in his capacity as head football coach at the time. Out of the whole pool of 159 applications, several people were more qualified for the job.

Petrino was let go because he decided to hire Dorrell rather than one of the other applicants without disclosing the fact that he was romantically involved with her.

Dorrell Was Given A Settlement Amount By The University Of Arkansas

Dorrell was awarded a settlement of $14,000, and authorities from the state of Arkansas had stated back then that there were intentions to reopen the job.

Jessica was hired by Petrino from a pool of about 150 candidates.
Jessica was hired by Petrino from a pool of about 150 candidates. ( Source : fitsnews )

The selection of a new head football coach for the 2012 season or the determination of whether or not to hire an interim coach was the top priority for Arkansas. During the remainder of the spring football season, Petrino's associate head coach, Taver Johnson, served as the team's head coach in an interim capacity.

A Motorbike Accident Brought The Alleged Relationship Into Light

After being chosen from a group of more than 150 applicants for the position in what athletic director Jeff Long referred to as a speedy hiring process, she did not begin working directly for Petrino's team until the latter part of March 2012.

Before that, Dorrell worked as a fundraiser for the Razorback Foundation, an organization that gathers funds for the University of Arkansas sports department.

The native of Aledo, Texas, participated in athletics while she was a student. Dorrell served as an outside hitter for the Arkansas volleyball team for four years, receiving All-SEC accolades in 2007 as a member of the Razorbacks' senior class.

Dorrell and Petrino were traveling together when Dorrell's motorbike lost control, skidded off State Highway 16, turned about, and ended up in a ditch buried in a mound of tree branches. 

Jessica and Bobby's relationship got out into the public after the two got involved in a motorbike accident.
Jessica and Bobby's relationship got out into the public after the two got involved in a motorbike accident. ( Source : bleacherreport )

However, Petrino suffered many injuries due to the collision, including broken ribs, a damaged vertebra in his neck, and multiple bumps, bruises, and cuts. She was not hurt in the accident.

Before the police came, Dorrell was able to hail down a passing vehicle, which then drove both her and Petrino to the hospital before returning to Dorrell's vehicle.

But the fact that she was mentioned as a passenger on the motorcycle in the police report sparked more curiosity about her relationship with Petrino.

Jessica Dorrell And Bobby Petrino Affair Timeline

One kiss was all it took for Jessica Dorrell, Bobby Petrino, and the Arkansas football team to suffer the ignominy of being ridiculed in public.

The Affair Began With A Lunch

It is said that Petrino and Dorrell first became romantically involved while they were both sitting in a parked automobile and having lunch on a particular day.

According to Long, Petrino stated that he and Dorrell became acquainted when she worked as a fundraiser for the Razorback Foundation. They started having lunch regularly, and Petrino informed his supervisor that his affair with Dorrell started with a kiss in the autumn. During that time, Jessica and Bobby were working together.

An Interview With Jeff Long Revealed The Secrets

When athletic director Jeff Long met with Petrino for a question and answer session, the specifics of an affair that had not been made public until after a motorcycle accident was revealed.

Petrino said that Dorrell made the initial romantic move between them by inquiring whether Petrino would kiss her at their first encounter. Their connection would last for several months, and there is no way to tell for definite when the two became romantically involved or when they were only acquaintances, as Petrino claims.

Jessica and Bobby's relationship began with a lunch and lasted for about five months.
Jessica and Bobby's relationship began with a lunch and lasted for about five months. ( Source : bleacherreport )

The inquiry results were sufficient for Long to decide to fire his head coach. Petrino did not divulge their romantic involvement, even though he played a significant role in her employment.

During his inquiry of Petrino, athletic director Jeff Long retained handwritten notes detailing all he learned about the coach. The Associated Press requested under the Freedom of Information Act to have Long's notes and those of associate athletic director Jon Fagg made public.

These notes were disclosed along with Fagg's notes. During the inquiry that led to the coach's resignation on April 10, nine days after the motorbike accident that announced their connection. The two participants were asked to interview Coach Petrino, his assistant, and other individuals.

The Intimacy Lasted For About Five Months

According to the notes, Petrino, who was 51 years old, and Jessica Dorrell, who was 25, were intimate for roughly five months, beginning in September or October of 2011 and continuing until February 2012.

However, based on the notes, the university found that the two parties had engaged in 326 phone conversations and 7,228 text message exchanges dating back to April 2011. And they indicate that Petrino and Dorrell claimed to have stopped the personal portion of their relationship after it became evident that Dorrell intended to apply for a position overseen by Petrino.

She started work on March 28 but has resigned since then. Long made it a point to remind Petrino in his notes that he concealed the romance and a $20,000 Christmas present before Dorrell was brought on as an assistant coach.

Dorrell revealed to Long that she had concealed the money beneath her mattress before depositing it soon before purchasing a new vehicle during the first week she was employed.

It is not apparent when the friendship evolved into a physical connection. Dorrell stated that the two had been intimate four to six times since September. The "last encounter" occurred around National Signing Day on February 1, when Petrino arrived by car service at a Little Rock event rather than by plane.

Dorrell stated that the two had been intimate since September. According to Fagg's notes, the two individuals decided they should keep their relationship to that of friends sometime around the beginning of February. Petrino disclosed to Long that Dorrell was considering applying for the position.

Petrino was let off because he failed to reveal his relationship with Dorrell, a former volleyball player for Arkansas whom he hired without reporting his conflict of interest or the fact that he had given her $20,000 in the past.

Who Is Jessica Dorrell's Husband?

Despite the adultery scandal surrounding Bobby Petrino, Jessica Dorrell and Josh Morgan decided to advance their wedding plans.

On February 9, the couple tied the knot and secured their marriage license from the Richland County Clerk's Office in South Carolina.

On the web page of the South Carolina Association of School Administrators, Dorrell is credited with serving in the capacity of assistant coordinator of marketing and corporate relationships. Morgan, her spouse, is a strength coach at the University of South Carolina. he is very proud of his job.

Before coming to Arkansas, Morgan worked as an associate dean of students at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. While there, he spent three years working under Poppell as an assistant coach for the Bolles swim camps.

Jessica is married to Josh Morgan.
Jessica is married to Josh Morgan. ( Source : sports )

In addition to that, he worked as a member of the Bulldogs football team's boarding staff and as a defensive backs coach for the squad.

The native of Jacksonville, Florida, attended the University of Florida and obtained a bachelor's degree in history in 2000. After receiving his degree, Morgan worked as an assistant football coach at Hampden-Sydney College for one year before taking a teaching position at Dupont Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida, for a brief period.

Josh Morgan Is One Of The Three Children Of John And Vicky Morgan

Josh Morgan is the son of John and Vicky Morgan.

He has two sisters who are named Alissa and Taylor. He earned a master's degree in history at the University of Arkansas.

Josh is married to Jessica Dorrell, despite the controversy that surrounded her.

The incident that unfolded at Arkansas last year led to the dismissal of Petrino from his position as head football coach there. Petrino was riding a motorbike when he was involved in an accident, and he then lied to the police about being alone on the bike while, in reality, Dorrell was riding behind him.

It was then found that the two were having a physical affair and that Petrino hired Dorrell for a position inside the athletic department, choosing her over more than one hundred other competent candidates for the post.

Dorrell achieved a financial settlement with the school as Petrino was being let go from his position.

Some FAQs

What happened to Jessica Dorrell?

Jessica Dorrell resigned from her post at University of Arkansas after her alleged rumor with coach, Bobby Petrino, came to light.

Who is Jessica Dorrell's husband?

Jessica Dorrell is married to Josh Morgan.

How did Jessica Dorrell and Bobby Petrino's affair got public?

The affair got public after a motorbike accident that involved both Dorrell and Petrino.

Who are Josh Morgan's parents?

Josh Morgan is the son of John and Vicky Morgan.

When did Jessica and Josh get married?

Jessica and Josh got married on February 9, 2013 despite the controversy that shrouded her.