What Happened To Lil Travieso? Rapper Death Cause As Twitter Floods With News

Late Lil Travieso and Lil Nate (behind) for the music video of Thggin' ( Source : Youtube )

What Happened To Lil Travieso? Rapper's death cause is in question after losing life at such young age.

It hasn't been a month since Atalanta rapper and Trouble was killed in a home invasion. Now, the newly developing case entails we have lost another gem in the industry.

The American rapper who went by the stage name of Lil Ttavieso is no more with us. This has sent a shockwave in the music community as RIP tribute flowed for the late rapper. 

What Happened To Lil Travieso?

According to surfacing news, Lil Travieso has passed away.

The news is shared on a Twitter account named @NewWestCoastTV1. The Twitter profile claims to be the leading source of new Westcoast music.

In the post, @NewWestCoastTV1 shared a picture of the late rapper. They captioned the photo as "Breaking News: Rapper Lil Travieso Has Unfortunately Passed Away."

Following the news, various other sources have also come forward to confirm the departure of the American singer. Likewise, fans are devasted by this sudden information. 

He was a sprouting star in the rapping world. He had so much career and success ahead of him.

Furthermore, the rapper reportedly leaves a young daughter behind. 

Rapper Lil Travieso's Death Cause - How Did He Die?

Lil Travieso's cause of death is not disclosed yet.

Travieso's name is added to the long list of hip-hop artists and rappers in America who lost their lives at a young age. For instance, popular rapper XXXTentacion lost his life to gunshots in 2018.

Likewise, Mac Miller passed away in 2018 due to a drug overdose. Others have died of different causes, but gunshots and drug overdose deaths are still on the list. 

There are speculations that Lil Travieso was shot to death. He had previously posted pictures of himself with a gun and mentioned the weapon in his song. However, the real cause behind his death is not confirmed yet. 

It isn't clear what happened in the Lil Travieso case. The reason for his departure could be anything - ranging from accident to sudden disease.  

The information that we have is a developing case. There aren't many details about it yet. Nonetheless, we await official statements from legitimate sources before making any claims.

Beyond Music: Lil Travieso's Age and Real Name

Lil Travieso was very young. However, Lil Traveiso didn't disclose his real name, his name Travieso (translated as Mischievous) suited nature. 

Fans are in deep sadness after the loss of their favorite artist. They have even flooded the Twitter feeds with condolences and RIP posts following the singer's untimely demise. 

Though new in the industry, he released songs like Bangin' the Park, P Thang, and Warzone. He was already verified on Spotify with over 16.7 thousand monthly listeners. 

Among all of his songs, Thuggin was very popular among fans, with more than 335 thousand streams to date. He collaborated with Lil Nate for the song, which has 1.5 million views on youtube alone. Furthermore, he was signed under the LatinBeastTV label. 

We express our deepest sympathy to Lil Travieso's friends and family. May his soul rest in peace in heaven. Thank You.