Where Is Ryan Trahan Right Now? Youtuber Survival And Paul Dodds Situation Explained

Ryan Trahan Posing For A Photo Beside A River ( Source : Instagram )

Ryan Trahan, an American YouTube content creator, is grabbing internet users' attention for his 'Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days' Feeding America fundraiser.

In addition to being a YouTuber, Ryan Trahan is an entrepreneur who has started two companies. He established the clothing line Hydra as well as the eco-friendly jug company Neptune Bottle.

Ryan began a series on June 1, 2022, where he would start with a penny and a backpack and have 30 days to journey from Los Angeles, California, to Mr. Beast in North Carolina.

He claimed he was motivated to do this since MrBeast doesn't have a penny, and the US Mint would stop producing them in 2023.

Additionally, Feeding America was involved in a fundraising effort to fight hunger in America, with every $1 donated supplying at least ten meals. Over one million dollars, or 10 million meals, have already been raised through the event.

Ryan Trahan In NYC
Ryan Trahan In NYC ( Source : Instagram )

What Happened To Ryan Trahan, Where Is He Now?

Ryan Trahan is on Day 23 of the 'Surviving on $0.01 for 30 Days' challenge. He is currently in Austin, Texas, and is a week away from the completion of the challenge.

He is traveling throughout the United States as part of a fundraising initiative with the network of food banks run by Feeding America and the nonprofit Team Feeds.

Ryan is traveling across America with just $0.01 in order to "show how strong a penny can be" and "eliminate hunger in America," according to his contribution website. He is doing this because the "penny is going extinct in 2023."

Trahan has been uploading videos since Day 1 of the challenge. The fundraiser aims to provide ten meals for every dollar raised, and so far, more than 1 million funds have been raised.

Paul Dodds Situation Explained

A man named Paul Dodds donated over $150,000 to Ryan Trahan's Feeding America Fundraiser campaign. However, his name got removed from the top 10 donors after a few days.

It appears that Paul's donation was fraudulent, and he refunded his donation after some period. He only donated that much amount of money to get fame and attention.

Fans were not convinced when he first donated the money as he called Ryan to tell him that he is going to donate $100,000, having donated $50,000 already.

Ryan Trahan Wikipedia

Ryan Trahan, a Youtube content creator, does not have a Wikipedia page. However, a biography about the YouTuber is available on the internet.

In the little American hamlet of Eagle Lake, Texas, Ryan was born on October 7, 1998. He graduated valedictorian from Rice High School in Altair, Texas. Ryan's Twitter profile demonstrates how close he is to his family, especially his father and brother, Matthew.

In 2021, he agreed through email with Dr. Phil's representative Alicia that if his channel overtook Phil's in terms of subscribers, he would be able to formally adopt Phil as his grandfather.

His channel visited Paramount Studios in Los Angeles to conduct an interview with him after achieving that objective in the early months of 2022.