What Happened To Sherwin Ordonez? GMA Actor Sickness And Health Issues Explained

Ordonez's fans are drawn to him and worry that he might be ill.

As a member of the all-male dancing group Abstract Dancers, Sherwin Ordonez rose to fame during the 1990s. He appeared regularly in shows like 'That's Entertainment and 'Eat Bulaga.' 

As the millennial era approached, Ordonez's dance group lost its stardom, and he pursued a different career. Then, the Filipino star moved into acting, and he got roles in movies like Blink (2008), Ikaw lang ang mamahalin (2001), and Pintados (1999). 

The dancer-turned-actor has been largely out of the spotlight lately. Ordonez's admirers are interested in him and suspect he may be unwell.

Sherwin Ordonez Illness & Health Updates- Is He Sick?

Sherwin Ordonez is perfectly healthy. The actor keeps himself in shape, as seen in his Instagram pictures.

The rumors about him being sick have arrived due to his long absence from the screen. However, the actor regularly updates his life on his Instagram. 

Sherwin played JB in the Kapuso teen-oriented show, 'Click.' His stint in the show lasted for at least four years. In a similar vein, the actor played the love interest in Angelika dela Cruz's character in the Kapuso teleserye "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin." Furthermore, he showed his comedy chops by starring in Nuts Entertainment

But suddenly, Ordonez disappeared from showbiz in the 2000s. His fans began to speculate different things and created many theories upon his disappearance. Some even speculated that Ordonez suffered from a stroke and decided to quit the entertainment business.

Nevertheless, the Filipino star has never talked about such health issues he faced. As far as we know, he is living a healthy life, exercising regularly, and eating a good balance diet. Moreover, the actor is satisfied with his achievement and is trying new things every day in his life.

Where Is Sherwin Ordonez Now?

Sherwin Ordonez has turned himself into a business person. He owns the Toptag Fashion & Scents- a mart that sells fragrances and apparel.

The former actor also enjoys traveling and looking after her kids and his business. He also sells baked cakes in addition to clothing and fragrances.

Ordonez is seen active on Instagram with the handle name @sherwinordonez. He regularly posts something new and keeps his 18.6 thousand followers updated.

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Sherwin Ordonez Is Already A Grandfather- His Family Details

Sherwin Ordonez has two children- Jam and lyzza Mikaela Ordonez. 

In 2020, Ordonez became a grandfather at the age of 43 years. His son, Jam, became a dad at the age of 20 with his partner.

Ordonez shared the news on his Instagram on May 14, 2022. He shared a photo of baby Lucian to his fans, captioning: '; My Son and New Born Apo "baby lucian" hehe my grandfather. Congratulations to "Jam" I love you both, see you when we go to Nagoya STAY SAFE.'

Sherwin Ordonez celebrating Christmas with his kids.
Sherwin Ordonez celebrating Christmas with his kids.( Source : Gmanetwork )

Similarly, Ordonez's daughter turned eighteen on January 30 this year.

The Filipino actor who chose a profession in business and a family over an entertainment career seems to have made the right decision.

In a performance in February 2020 at Paco Catholic School, Ordonez played the role of Crisostomo Ibarra.