What Is "Childhood Trauma Test" On TikTok, Is It Related To What Human Feeling Am I Quiz?

Childhood Trauma Test Ttikok ( Source : Tiktok )

Tiktok never gets boring because of entertaining content. Some users have also been using the platform to help people with medical wise.

Recently, content related to "The Childhood Trauma Test" has been trending on Tiktok. Clip related to the topic has helped people understand their mental health.

What Is the "Childhood Trauma Test" On TikTok?

The "Childhood Trauma Test" is very much similar to the "Trauma Test" on Tiktok. 

Both tests allow the viewers to test their mental health. In the clip, the creator talks about some noticeable symptoms of traumas.

The user also suggests potential traits or behaviors that a traumatized person might exhibit.

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For example, one creator says in his Tiktok, that there are four symptoms of childhood wounds. He shows down drawing of these people to explain their characteristics. First, he indicates the symptoms of the Left out people. He states that these people are co-dependent and worried when things get hard. This is the sign of abandonment wound that one suffers during his childhood.

Another symptom, he shows is for those people who are afraid of getting hurt. He says these people don't feel safe and they need lots of external validation and they do not trust themselves or others either. There is a sign of Trust trauma one faces during his/her childhood.

The third symptom shows people who have low self-esteem and who struggle to let go. These people repress their emotions, which clearly indicates that they have had Neglect wound during their childhood.

The last one in the clip talks about those people who feel "sorry" or "bad" all the time. These people manipulate themself by their guilt and are afraid to set boundaries. This means they have gone through a Guilt wound during their childhood. 

Nowadays, we could actually see different variations of the "Childhood Trauma Test" on Tiktok. The creators have begun to bring newer ways to make the test fun and easily understandable as well. 

Mind.Betterme.World Quiz Provides The Childhood Trauma Test

A free Childhood trauma test is provided by the mind.betterme.world website.

The test is followed by a one-minute long quiz that asks you questions about a different situation. A total of eighteen questions are asked and accordingly, a result and review will be produced. 

The Childhood Trauma Test and What Human Feeling Am I Quiz are two human emotion tests. However, both have different approaches to testing. 

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The recent TikTok quiz test makes the claim that it can determine what kind of "human feeling" a user has. Since then, the trend has received more than 565,000 views and frequently uses the hashtag "#humanfeelings." The test can be found on UQuiz, a well-known quiz-creation website.

Most of the people have tweeted their quiz scores in addition to uploading them on TikTok and Twitter.