What Is gentleminions Tiktok All About? Minions Fans Flock Theaters In Full Suits After Rise Of Gru Trend, Meaning Explained

Scene from the new movie Rise of Gru ( Source : Forbes )

Watch Out! Gentleminions might be swarming your local theatres. 

Nobody can understand or get past the Gen Z humor and meme. In fact, even a big production house like Universal Pictures and its blockbuster movie Rise of Gru remains non-immune to their radar. 

It's a coping mechanism for the youths amidst all the bad things happening in the world. It is time for them to rise along with the beloved character. 

What Is Gentleminions Tiktok? Rise of Gru Trend 

Gentleminions on Tiktok is a new trend where people are flocking cinemas in suits to watch the new "Minions: Rise in Gru" movie.

In the now-viral videos, several teenagers (mostly boys) can be seen wearing suits on their way to the movie's screening. They can be seen riding on the escalator, buying movie tickets, and watching the movie. 

The people in the suits refer to themselves as "Gentleminions." The hashtag #Gentleminions alone has over 2.3 million views to date. 

@benedicthoward_ The most anticipated of the year. #riseofgru #minions #gentleminions ♬ el que usa el audios es gay. - Juani.Yelich

The suit might be a reference to Gru's iconic Gentleman appearance as the anti-villain character always dresses up in black formals. With grey and a black striped scarf wrapped around his neck, Gru rises with the army of his minions. 

However, there is no specific answer on who is the genius behind this trend. Nonetheless, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Minions Fans Flock Theaters In Full Suits Memes

As Minions fans flock theatres in full suits, response to the meme has been mixed.

In fact, many theatres have banned people from wearing suits for this movie. One theatre even put an official notice on their Twitter account, "We are currently not admitting unaccompanied children wearing suits for 'Minions: The Rise Of Gru' (U). This is due to the issues we have encountered over the last two days and their associated behavior. Thank you"

Similarly, some theatres have put a notice outside their doors banning formal attire. Yet, people were still found breaking this protocol. 

@carsonpaskill #gentleminions #riseofgru @minions ♬ Rich Minion - Yeat

On the other hand, Universal Pictures have shown support for the trend. Their official Twitter account wrote, "To everyone showing up to Minions in suits: we see you, and we love you."

The Gentleminions are also acting as free publicity for the movie. It has already grossed over $221 million USD since its release. Yet, it is still unnoticed how much did the trend contribute to this amount.  

Gentleminions Videos And Meanings

Similar to Gentleminions occupying the theatres, Gentleminions' videos are now flooding social media. 

Members of the Gen Z clan are either suiting up or showing their love for this trend. One Twitter user wrote, "in order to keep gentleminions going, we have to behave. no yelling, no being disruptive to other movie-goers. True gentleminionship" 

Depending upon the rules of your theatres, you can also take part in this trend. Maybe, upload it to your Tiktok account.

However, if your theatre advises you to do otherwise, please refrain from such activities. Nonetheless, you can still suit up in your house to support Rise of Gru.

Rise of Gru is the prequel movie to the Despicable Me franchise. It embarks on the journey of 12 years old Gru to becoming the greatest supervillain in the world. Released on July 1, 2022, the movie is receiving both positive critical and financial responses.