Who Is Ranboo? Everything To Know About The Youtuber And Twitch Star

Ranboo is a streamer on Youtube and Twitch.

Ranboo is a well-known streamer on YouTube and Twitch from the United States.

Most of Ranboo's popularity stems from the hilarious Minecraft and the variety of material he has produced, particularly the videos he has created in partnership with Tubbo and other members of the Dream SMP. Both the Dream SMP and the Origins SMP have had Ranboo as a playable character at one point or another.

At this time, he broadcasts on Twitch every day. He occasionally uploads stuff on YouTube that focuses on humor and is themed around real life or gaming. He is well-known for his conversational streaming approach, which has earned him a lot of praise.

The communities of Twitch and Minecraft see Ranboo as one of the most promising newcomers with the most significant potential for rapid ascension. He is the youngest and most recent streamer ever to reach 100,000 subscribers on Twitch, a record he currently retains. He also owns numerous other records.

Ranboo Wikipedia 

On November 2, 2003, Ranboo was born in the United States of America.

After he shared a picture in front of the Twitch offices in San Francisco, one of his now-former major Discord admins and Twitch moderators verified that he formerly resided in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Twitch headquarters are located in San Francisco. On June 3, 2021, he received his high school diploma and graduated.

Ranboo appears online in sunglasses and a mask.
Ranboo appears online in sunglasses and a mask.( Source : Alphanewscall )

In front of the camera, Ranboo always wears a black and white mask. In the past, he has also been seen wearing sunglasses and gloves. He performs this as part of his online identity and to keep his privacy to himself. He plans to conduct a full face reveal when he achieves 5 million subscribers. However, this will depend on whether he is confident enough to do it when he reaches the milestone. 

In July 2021, he disclosed that he had been struggling with severe facial dysmorphia. This health condition can affect a person's outlook on their face and causes distress. He indicated that this was the key reason for hiding his face. He said he would not be able to edit his films without doing so, which was the primary reason for covering his face.

This indicates that he will keep wearing his spectacles and disguise even after the disclosures. He also requested that supporters only use photographs of him with the mask and spectacles for their profile pictures. After revealing his eyes a few months later, he stated that he no longer bothers if followers do so.

Where Does Ranboo Live?

In March of 2022, Ranboo relocated to the United Kingdom and presently resides in Brighton.

Earlier, he used to live in the San Francisco Bay Area in the United States. 

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Ranboo Relation With Tubbo

Ranboo and Tubbo are involved in the Dream SMP, a community dedicated to online streaming.

While Ranboo is in charge of gaming and video blogs, Tubbo is in charge of webcasting the action of the games. Due to their widespread popularity, the younger generation and the Minecraft streaming community are familiar with this combo. They eventually got married after meeting each other while streaming.

Ranboo and Tubbo are in a relationship and they have a foster child, Michael.
Ranboo and Tubbo are in a relationship and they have a foster child, Michael.( Source : Game-News24 )

At the beginning of their marriage, a contract served as the legal basis for their union. The pair claims that the reason they got married was to avoid certain taxes. Their love for one another deepened with time, and they grew increasingly attached.

In addition to that, they had taken in a foster child by the name of Michael. Their blossoming romance has caught the internet by storm, with many of their followers openly discussing their feelings for the couple online. Their connection became more robust over time, so they decided to move on to a new phase of their lives.

The happy pair decided to exchange their sacred vows and walk down the aisle on the bright and sunny day of February 23, 2021. They chose to have a small, private ceremony for their wedding. The duo is beloved by its audience and has an enormous number of devoted followers.

They have a wonderful marriage that only seems to improve with age. Even though Tubbo and Ranboo were required to be married by the contract, they are now very much in love. They are living a happy married life.

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