Where Is Jub Jub Now? Hip Hop Artist And TV Host Relationship Status Today

Jub Jub Is One Of The Famous Hip-Hop Artist Of South Africa
Jub Jub Is One Of The Famous Hip-Hop Artist Of South Africa( Source : news24 )

Many fans of Hip Hop Jub Jub are curious to know where he is now and why he has been inactive on social media.

Jub Jub (born Molemo Maarohanye in Soweto on June 29, 1980) is a well-known South African artist. He possesses a quality that few professionals in the sector can match. The performer may switch from one musical genre to another with little effort.

He is a well-known South African Hip Hop artist with a diverse musical career. He is the current host of the contentious hit show Uyajola 9/9.

Jub Jub is credited with releasing three studio albums, all of which were commercial successes. He had got nominated for several music awards.

Jub Jub had a lifelong interest in the entertainment industry. He was just as eager to pursue his passion to the end. The seasoned artist took a 7-year hiatus from public life to examine his life at some point, resulting in what we know him for now.

Where Is Jub Jub Now?

Well-Known TV star Jub Jub disappeared from social media and the internet and has been a mystery for his viewers and fans.

While exploring deep, we found that a girl name Amanda has responded, making sexual activities allegations against Jub Jub and pleading for a lawyer to help her, saying he did not "smash" her but had done sexual activities with her for two years.

Amanda making her announcement through Instagram about what Jub Jub had done to her
Amanda making her announcement through Instagram about what Jub Jub had done to her( Source : instagram )

Amanda believes she made a mistake in the past by brushing something under the rug, and she wishes she had spoken out.

Jub Jub has not formally replied to the claims, but his bosses at Moja Love have again distanced themselves from him and suspended him from his duties on Uyajola 99. It seems like he got arrested in case of human trafficking.

On the podcast with MacG, Jub Jub first discussed his childhood and how, at the peak of his fame, he lived his life recklessly, comparing it to the life of a rockstar.

However, there is very little information on TV personality person Jub Jub on the internet. Jub is active on Instagram with the name @official_jubjub. As of 2022, Jub had kept his Instagram account private.

 Jub Jub Wife Or Girlfriend: Who Is Zenith Mia?

Jub Jub is supposed to marry his fiancée, Zenith Mia, secretly. However, Jub has not fully addressed those rumors.

Jub Jub Spotted With His Rumored Girlfriend On August 6 By Praparazzi
Jub Jub Spotted With His Rumored Girlfriend On August 6 By Praparazzi( Source : twitter )

Zenith is a famous Italian businessman whom he met while attending an event. He has not been pictured with Zenith & describes her as someone who tries to live away from the camera & paparazzi.

In addition to Jub Jub's marriage rumors, his dating rumors with his new girlfriend are making the rounds on the internet. His name appeared in the headlines of several news publications after being seen in a woman's arms.

The lady is said to be his new girlfriend. Kia, the woman in the famous photo, is wearing a pink t-shirt, and Jub is dressed similarly.

She gave him a back hug and noticed a band on her finger, implying they had already engaged. As a result, many peoples are curious about his relationship with this unknown woman.

Jub Jub's Relationship Timeline

Jub Jub first dated Tumi Mthembu, and their relationship was successful, resulting in an engagement.

Jub is well-known for hosting a show that exposes cheating spouses. Still, Tumi has accused him of having relationships with multiple women while in a relationship with her.

He has been rumored to have two celebrity girlfriends, Amanda du Pont and Kelly Khumalo. Tumi stated that she has remained devoted to Jub and has been there for him even after he got imprisoned.

People are curious to know how many affairs the host has since she is unhappy with him for his actions in their relationship.

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Jub Jub's Net Worth

Jub Jub's net worth is expected to be about $1 million in 2022. His revenues come from anchoring the show Uyajola on September 9.

Jub has also made much money by selling his albums and songs. He has served in the entertainment industry since he was eleven.

He has worked hard to gain his name and popularity, and he has a successful career as a rapper, host, and media personality.