Where Is Kevin Spacey Now? Actor Partner Dana Brunetti Details To Know

Court Ordered Kevin to Pay $31 Million to House of Cards Producer for Breaching Contract ( Source : Geo )

American actor Kevin Spacey Fowler is well-known for playing Ron Klain in the HBO film Recount (2008), which earned him a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. His earliest cinematic appearances were in Working Girl (1989) and Mike Nichols' Heartburn (1986). (1988). 

Spacey rose to fame for playing the bad guy in the 1995 criminal thriller movies Seven and The Usual Suspects, for which the actor won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. For his work in theatre and television, Spacey has won numerous honors, including four Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Laurence Olivier Awards, a Tony Award, and two Laurence Olivier Awards.

The actor is currently making headlines for losing his bid to overturn the court ruling that stated him to pay approximately $31 million to House of Card production firm MRC for sexually abusing a crew member. Spacey has been accused of molesting young male staff members without their consent since 2017. In response to the accusation, Spacey disclosed his sexual orientation as gay. 

Where Is Kevin Spacey Now? 

Spacey is still in the show business, continuing his role as an actor. He is scheduled to star in Peter Five Eight as the titular character Peter in 2022. With the publication of the trailer, the movie's filming phase has already ended, and its release is imminent. 

The actor is also set to feature in the film The Man Who Drew God as a detective later this year. The film is currently in the post-production stage. Additionally, Stacey will portray the lead character Gore Vidal in the upcoming movie project Gore. The film is just announced, and its production is yet to happen.

Actor Kevin Spacey Is Gay
Actor Kevin Spacey Is Gay ( Source : Ew )

Besides the roar on the release of his impending filmographies, Kevin is also in discussion for having to pay $31 million to House of Card production firm MRC for breaching their contract of sexual misconduct and hampering the production cost of the film. The case dates back to 2017 when he was found guilty of making sexual advances on male crew members of House of Card.

MRC immediately removed Spacey from the series after learning about his sexual misdemeanors. Furthermore, because of Spacey, the sixth season of House of Cards had to be shortened from 13 episodes to eight episodes, which brought about a massive loss. Spacey went through a lawsuit in demand of $31 million filed by MRC.

Kevin Spacey Partner

In 2017, after Kevin was accused of sexual assault, he used the circumstance to come out as gay. The actor claimed to like having intimate encounters with males and decided to embrace a gay lifestyle. He has been in rumors of dating his business partner Dana Brunetti, but that is not true.

Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, business partners in a frame
Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, business partners in a frame ( Source : Hollywoodreporter )

Spacey came out of the closet through his tweet after the actor Anthony Rapp, featured in Star Trek: Discovery, alleged that Spacey tried to assault him when he was just 14 years old sexually. He denied the sexual allegations and opened up about his homosexual orientation.

Shortly after Spacey published his statement, Rapp restated his remarks in three tweets and declared he would stop there.

 Spacey was filming for the sixth season of House of Cards when the accusations arose. He was removed from the series because of the allegation. Even more, crew members of House of Cards confessed to having been sexually abused as well.

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Court Ordered Kevin To Pay $31 Million To House Of Cards Producer For Breaching The Contract

Spacey will have to pay a $31 million settlement made up of $29.5 million in compensatory damages, $1.2 million in legal costs, and $235,707 in MRC costs for breaching the contract rules of House of cards and engaging in sexual harassment.

On 2 November 2017, CNN released a report with allegations from eight unnamed House of Cards cast members, alleging that Spacey had engaged in "predatory" behavior, including reaching for handshakes and tugging people's hands down to touch his crotch.

Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos immediately informed top business officials on 2 November 2017 that Spacey would not be in the final season of House of Cards. After a hasty firing of Spacey, a lengthy internal investigation, and an eight-day evidentiary hearing in February 2020, an impartial arbitrator concluded that Spacey had broken the terms of the anti-harassment policy of House of Cards and had to pay 31 million dollars in settlement.

Kevin Spacey was kicked out of House of Cards sixth season for sexual misconduct
Kevin Spacey was kicked out of House of Cards sixth season for sexual misconduct ( Source : Vox )

Jonathan E. Phillips, Spacey's attorney, argued that the five specific crew members, who only came forward in MRC's internal investigation after his termination, could not be rationally linked to MRC's damages award of $31 million. On the other hand, the attorney representing MRC asserted that the arbitration decision was inextricably related to the charges against Spacey before his firing.

Based on the evidence, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mel Red Recana confirmed that Spacey would have to hand down 31 million dollars to MRC.

In 2022, Spacey's legal team attempted to overturn the $31 million arbitration verdict. They claimed that the actor's actions equated to no more than "sexual innuendos" and "harmless horseplay" and did not fall under the purview of MRC's anti-harassment policy, but that did not go well. Spacey will have to abide by the compensation amount.