Who Was Gretchen Anthony – Has The Body Of The Missing Woman Been Found?

Gretchen Anthony was murdered in Jupiter, Florida, by her husband, David Anthony, who is currently serving a 38-year sentence in jail. Continue reading to learn more.

David Anthony was suspected of being implicated in Gretchen’s disappearance, according to investigators. Similarly, the sources believed that locating David was the key to finding Gretchen.

In addition, the investigators employed cell phone pings to track his activities across six states. Several law enforcement agencies assisted in the search.

Where Was Gretchen Anthony Body Found?

Gretchen Anthony’s murder case was heartbreaking because it showed how a guy murdered his wife and then tried to hide it by sending text messages from her phone claiming she was in the hospital with COVID-19.

48 Hours is a CBS documentary/newsmagazine series. Since January 19, 1988, it has been shown in the United States on the network.

Her husband dumped Gretchen Anthony’s body three miles from her Abacoa house. In exchange for a reduced sentence, David revealed the location of her remains to authorities.

David was also a well-known fitness trainer who married his wife Gretchen in 2015. Gretchen’s continuous messages to her loved ones about how sick she was stoked fears of something more than her absence.

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 Gretchen Anthony Age: What Was Her Age?

Gretchen Anthony was 51 years old when she died.

Gretchen Anthony’s relatives reported her missing on March 26, 2020. The fragrance of a corpse was identified by the police’s cadaver dog at her residence, along with traces of attempted clean-up.

Her husband, David Anthony, was charged with second-degree murder and kidnapping in the slaying of his wife, Gretchen, who was 51 years old at the time, on March 21.

David was detained in Las Cruces, New Mexico, on March 31, 2020, when a cadaver dog detected the scent of a corpse inside his vehicle. As of 2022, he is serving his sentence.

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 Gretchen Anthony Family Revealed

Gretchen Anthony’s family, particularly her daughter, has piqued people’s interest. We know she was the mother, but we don’t know the names of her children.

According to sources, David and Gretchen had a child together, but no information has been revealed by any of the approved sites. She was the same age as her mother when the case of her disappearance began.

Moreover, her father, David, was said to have survived her divorce, according to the reports. Similarly, even though David was found guilty in the murder case, Gretchen’s body was missing, prompting his daughter to ask him to reveal her mother’s location.

Furthermore, David mistook the audio for that of her daughter, rendering it worthless. David is now imprisoned and will be released in 2058.

Gretchen Anthony Bio: Is She On Wikipedia?

Gretchen Anthony does not have a page on Wikipedia.

David Anthony is currently incarcerated after being found guilty of his wife’s murder. In addition, Anthony was arrested in New Mexico in the year 2020.

Similarly, in the instance of Gretchen’s murder, investigators were unable to locate her body and were looking for a piece of evidence that could lead to a suspect. They also got a suspect when a neighbor snapped a photo of a black Nissan stopped in her driveway when they heard a woman scream.

And the car belonged to her ex-husband David Anthony, who had already flown to Costa Rice when police arrived at his home to suspend him. However, authorities began a rapid search for him, and he was eventually discovered in New Mexico in 2020.

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