Who Is Amiria Grenell? John Grenell Daughter With Wife Deidre Bruton

Amiria Grenell is a daugther of music legend John Hore Grenell
Amiria Grenell is a daugther of music legend John Hore Grenell

Amiria Grenell is a popular New Zealand singer. She is most recognized for being the only daughter of a legendary country singer and musician from New Zealand, John Grenell.

Similarly, she has recorded several albums, including her 2011 spring solo effort "Three Feathers." Her aesthetic is country and New Folk music. Her lyrics are sincere, elegant, and infused with a love of nature and exploration.

John Grenell And Her Wife Deidre Bruton Had Three Children

The daughter of legendary Country musician John Grenell and Deidre Bruton, Amiria Grenell comes fourth and is the youngest member of the Grenell family.

Father John Hore Grenell, a New Zealand country music legend, is seated at the head of the musical chairs table within the family, who has a natural knack for music.

Branching out to Amiria's three older brothers, Denver, Oakley, and Redford, it is safe to say that music runs in the family. Amiria, the family's stunning young female, more than holds her own with her alluring, sincere, and innocent appeal.

Her eldest brother Denver was a former Christchurch band "Mountains Of Murray" member. Meanwhile, Oakley, better known by his stage name "O.G," is a jazz and hip hop/electronic guitarist and producer, whereas Redford was a former "Shapeshifter" drummer and founder.

He now plays drums for his sister Amiria's band and is a founding member of The Adults. Moreover, Redford is still producing music out of his Melbourne base.

Amiria Grenell Age in 2022, How Old is She?

Amiria Grenell was born in the late eighties; she will probably be in her mid-30s by 2022.

She started playing the guitar at age 10, discovering her chords, and performing her original songs at Folk Festival Blackboard Concerts after mastering the violin at an early age.

Since she was 14 years old, Amiria has been playing live shows at festivals, events, and venues around New Zealand. She received a degree in performing arts from NASDA (National Academy of Singing and Dramatic Art) in 2004.

She then performed singing for two years at venues and festivals across New Zealand. Amiria is now a professional musician who focuses on songwriting, recording, kid-friendly entertainment, and live performances.

Who is Amiria Grenell? Wikipedia Facts

Amiria Grenell is a well-known recording artist and singer-songwriter of modern folk music. Amiria has primarily pursued a solo career throughout two albums and developed a sound and aesthetic that alludes to her folk roots.'

She is a member of three additional bands: "The Swan Sisters," which she performs in with actor and musician Amy Straker; "Coyote," which she performs in with folk singer Holly Arrowsmith; and "Your Indigo."

All three brothers were and still are great inspirations and motivation behind her success. Her songwriting is original and diverse, spanning genres from country to blues. Furthermore, Amiria mentioned her dad's music was undoubtedly the origin of her love for folk and country music.

With similarly remarkable orchestration, her crystal-clear voice strikes a delicate balance. In addition, Amiria has followed her ancestry into a vibrant and enduring career as a traveling musician and well-respected composer. 

Amiria Grenell with her band 'The Swan Sisters'
Amiria Grenell with her band 'The Swan Sisters'( Source : co )

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Amiria Grenell Instagram Photos

Amiria Grenell has 227 posts, including photos and videos, on her Instagram account @amiriagrenell.

Moreover, it has 1,430 followers, so it is safe to say she has not made quite a mark on social media as her followers are low compared to other music artists.

Most of her posts are related to her music, pictures, and clips of shows, her band members, etc. Likewise, she frequently uploads pictures of beautiful landscapes and realistic scenarios, not to mention her dog.

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