Who Is Bill Reissfelder From Celtics? Wife And Net Worth 2022

Bill Reissfelder, the CFO and the Senior Vice President of the Boston Celtics ( Source : Theorg )

Bill Reissfelder is a Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President at the Boston Celtics. 

A longtime servant for the franchise, Reissfelder has been instrumental in managing the Celtics' finances and has also done a marvelous job at managing the staff.

It's not surprising that the Celtics have been under a lot of spotlight lately with the suspension of their head coach, Ime Udoko. At the same time, their preseason games are kicking off in a week.

So, the people in management will have to make a firm decision that may change the franchise's season. Let's learn more about someone who is among the management team of the Celtics. 

NameBill Reissfelder
Net Worth$3 million (approx.)
ProfessionChief Financial Officer, Senior VP
Teams AssociatedBoston Celtics (NBA)

Who Is Bill Reissfelder From Celtics? Wikipedia Bio And More

Bill Reissfelder is a Chief Financial Officer for the Boston Celtics of the NBA. He is also a Senior Vice President of the franchise. 

Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts, he has been associated with the Celtics for over two and half decades. Reissfelder assumed the CFO and Senior VP role in 1996 and has continued to serve the franchise for the past 26 years. 

Before that, he had a profound managing experience at Ernst & Young, one of the largest financing firms based in London. He spent nine years as a senior manager for the accounting firm before landing a well-deserved position at the Celtics. 

Reissfelder's journey in Massachusetts started with an ICT company, Open Environment Corporation. He worked as a controller for two years, from 1994 to 1996. 

Furthermore, his dedication to the franchise is unmatched as he has been associated with the Celtics for 26 years. 

Bill Reissfelder is the CFO and Senior VP for the Boston Celtics
Bill Reissfelder is the CFO and Senior VP for the Boston Celtics ( Source : twitter )

Bill Reissfelder Wife And Children: Facts About His Family

Bill Reissfelder is a married man with a wife and family. 

However, the Celtics' Senior VP is conservative regarding his private life. He hasn't shared any details about his wife and children until now. 

Several sources say that the franchise's CFO was spotted at several Celtics events with his family. But he has done a great job keeping them off the unnecessary spotlight. 

Not just his family, Reissfelder himself is a private person. He doesn't appear much in the media. One can say that his job doesn't require too much exposure. 

Now that every Celtics management is in the limelight, it won't be late when people start exploring the staff's private life. 

Bill Reissfelder Net Worth 2022: Celtics CFO Salary And Earnings

Bill Reissfelder has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2022. 

He has been the CFO and Senior VP of the Boston Celtics for 26 years. It is one of the most influential positions of the franchise. He indeed has a salary in six figures, if not seven. 

However, the Celtics have not revealed the salaries of their staff and board members. So, we are just speculating. But given Reissfelder's influence on the franchise's management, one guesses that he makes a lot of money. 

On the other hand, Reissfelder has been highly successful as Celtics CFO. The franchise has made decent investments over the past few decades and has much to show.