Who Is Fiona Texeire? Wikipedia Biographie On The Speaker And Career

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Fiona Texeire, a professional expert, is the Co-Founder of the Gender-Based Violence Observatory, which actively addresses gender-based related issues. Scroll down to learn about Fiona Texeire. 

Fiona Texire has functioned with elected officials for 13 years at the Town Hall, Senate, and Ministerial cabinet of the Prime Minister's office.

Since September 2021, Fiona has been involved as an educator at Sciences Po Rennes, where she teaches the students about sexual and gender-based violence in politics from historical, societal, media, and legal perspectives. 

Fiona also hosts a podcast that is entitled "Y a pas mort d'homme" on a similar subject. The podcast is aired through Bing Audio Platform. It's been eight months of her involvement over there. 

Explore Fiona Texeire's Wikipedia Biography

Fiona obtained her bachelor's study in Sciences Po Rennes from 2003 to 2007. In 2008 she completed her master's degree from Sciences Po Bordeaux.

Fiona is the initiator of the #metoo campaign forum calling the parties to hear the voice of the victim. Through the campaign, Texeire has advocated for the party to listen to women, protect them and stop risking putting the violent men in positions of power. 

Through her podcast, she has raised her voice in support of the #metoo movement and addressed the opinions on numerous sexist and sexual violence-based topics. 

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What Is The Age And Origin Of Fiona Texeire?

Fiona Texeire is from Paris, France. Her age is not revealed anywhere; however, looking through her present appearance, it can be speculated that she is in her 30s. 

Fiona is a French activist working in the field of justice and political evolution.

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All about Fiona Texeire's Career 

Texeire is working under her co-founded organization, Gender-Based Violence Observatory. The #metoo campaign makes three commitments. 

The first one was to ban funding the candidates who were into gender-based and sexual assault. The second one was to seize the recruitment of the person who has been entangled in a similar sort of misconduct. 

The third one is the ask for a pledge from mayors and other elected authorities capable of financing the presidential candidates not to support those accused of allegations.

Texeire's career has evolved as a change agent and activist as she has made commendable efforts in the field of social revolution and transformation of the country's political system. She is still fighting for it. 

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Fiona Texeire's Family Life And Marital Status

Fiona's marital life is hard to navigate as she leads a private life regarding the topic. She is active on her Twitter and Instagram profile, but her posts are far more professional, social, and political rather than personal. 

However, it is clear that she is from France and her family is also from the same country. 

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