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Who Is Giulio Gallarotti Girlfriend Hilary Anne Hyman? Romantic Life Explored Of The Comedian

Giulio Gallarotti is a cast member in Pete Davidson Presents: The Best Friends. He has dedicated one episode of stand-up comedy to his girlfriend, in which he openly discussed their relationship.

Pete Davidson's first major project since leaving Saturday Night Live is a Netflix showcase of his buddies. And they are his true buddies. One of them is even his ex-girlfriend.

However, he filmed this presentation a few weeks before announcing his departure from SNL. This variety show begins with an imagined group text among Davidson and his largely New York-based buddies, hyping them up for the Los Angeles filming.

Who Is Giulio Gallarotti Girlfriend Hilary Anne Hyman?

In the episode of Date By Your Own Rules, Giulio Gallarotti joined and explained his relationship with his girlfriend. As per his Instagram, his girlfriend's name is Hilary Anne Hyman.

Gallarotti joins us to talk about his relationship and how it works, including how his partner sets the pace from the beginning, how they maintain their independence, and how they communicate while they're away.

He also talked about keeping friends with ex-girlfriends, and Giulio tells an absurd tale about attempting to get an ex back in that episode.

Giulio Gallarotti With His Girlfriend
Giulio Gallarotti With His Girlfriend

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Wikipedia Of Giulio Gallarotti

Giulio Gallarotti's Wikipedia states that he is a stand-up comedian, actor, presenter, and podcaster located in New York City.

His podcast, "Oops," which he co-hosts with Francis Ellis, is frequently included in iTunes' top lists. He has appeared in TV series such as Ramy on Hulu, AXS Gotham Comedy Live, and Totally Clueless/Girl Code on MTV.

He has also been on Comedy Central and Sirius XM radio and is due to feature on Pete Davidson's Presents The Best Friends on Netflix later this year.

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Find Out The Age Of The Comedian Giulio Gallarotti

The age of comedian Giulio Gallarotti seems to be in his mid-30s. 

Giulio is an enthusiastic traveler, as seen by his podcast "Pack Light" and various films such as "Places You Can Go-Iraq" and "Standup in Rwanda: It's Not So Different." He frequently appears at New York City comedy clubs.

Image Of Giulio Gallaroti
Image Of Giulio Gallaroti

Family Of Giulio Gallarotti Explored

Giulio Gallarotti often mentions his family in his stand-up comedies, but there are no details about their name or profession.

However, on his Instagram, Giulio has posted lots of stories about his dad. He has shared their trips.

They had gone on vacation to Costa Rica, and it seemed like they had enjoyed a lot of the trip.

Net Worth Of Giulio Gallarotti

The net worth of Giulio Gallarotti seems to be around $1 million. However, this data is not entirely factual as it is derived from the average salary of a stand-up comedian.

In the United States, the average salary for a stand-up comedian is $48,536.

The average benefit for a stand-up comedian is $1,567, or 3% of their pay, with 100% of respondents saying that they receive a bonus every year.