Who Is Jalen Hill UCLA? Former Sooners Basketball Parents And Girlfriend

Jalen Hill Was A Former UCLA Basketball Player Who Passed Away After Being Missing For Multiple Days In Costa Rica ( Source : Twitter )

Jalen Hill was a former UCLA basketball player who passed away in a foreign country, according to a social media post by his father, George Hill.

He walked away from the life of basketball last year, and he mentioned that the only thing he wanted in his life was peace. His Instagram activities also suggest he wants to escape from the chaotic world as he followed several accounts related to spiritual peace.

Who Is Jalen Hill From Florida?

Jalen Demetrius Hill was born in Tampa, Florida, in 1999. Hill played high school basketball while attending Centennial High School in Corona, California. Before the 2017–18 season, the athlete, a power forward, joined the UCLA Bruins.

He was listed as the 73rd-best recruit overall by 247Sports.com for the class of 2017, 17th as a power forward, and the 9th-best basketball talent in California. He received a composite score from them of 0.9726 as well.

Hill announced his decision to retire from basketball in a lengthy Instagram video he shared with followers. He retired from the sport in the middle of the 2020–21 season after leaving the UCLA men's basketball team for personal reasons. 

Who Are Jalen Hill's Parents?

Jalen was the son of Florida native George and Tanisa Hill. The Hill family never came forward on the media or the internet as they wanted to avoid the media attention entirely. However, George stepped forward to post a lengthy status on his Instagram to notify the demise of his only son, a former UCLA basketball player.

Jalen Hill's Father, George, Posted On Instagram Informing The Demise Of His Son On Instagram
Jalen Hill's Father, George, Posted On Instagram Informing The Demise Of His Son On Instagram ( Source : twitter )

He was stranded alone in a foreign country for several days and unfortunately, the news of his demise came this evening. He was reported to be in Costa Rica for a while, and the family had already lost connection with the 22-year-old. However, the official reports from the family are yet to be published, which would clear every detail of the incident. 

Jalen Hill Mental Health Issues And Retirement From Basketball

Hill announced his retirement from basketball following the 2021 season, citing mental health concerns that he said started soon after an incident on the team's preseason tour to China. There were allegations that the athlete and three other UCLA basketball players were detained in China in 2017.

The COVID-19 virus and its isolation were mentioned in an online clip to explain his choice to leave the sport forever. He debuted at UCLA in the 2018 season under coach  Steve Alford. He played in 77 games with 40 starts throughout three seasons, but before the club's 2021 Final Four run, he left the team for personal reasons. Hill averaged 6.5 points and 5.9 rebounds across his three seasons.

Was Jalen Hill Dating Anyone?

Jalen was a very private person. He never shared his personal information with the media or appeared on social media. He spoke significantly less in his interviews, and most o the talk revolved around his playing style, game plan, and other basketball-related stuff.

He was never seen with a partner in public and was believed to be single during his active period. After his retirement in 2021, he completely vanished from the internet. His last upload on Instagram was a year ago, on Septem 26, where he explained all the reasons behind leaving his athletic life.

Jalen Hill Retired From Basketball Ater 2021 Season
Jalen Hill Retired From Basketball Ater 2021 Season ( Source : latimes )

Despite this reason, he was loved by the fans. He never interacted with his and regularly liked other athletes, but many people still loved him. After his demise, his year-old Instagram post's comments section is flooded with lovely messages of his fans remembering him after he left this world.

If he wouldn't have retired in 2021, he could easily become a significant player in the college basketball scene and could rise more to play in the NBA in the future.