Who Is Jamie Michie? Meet His Daughter On Instagram

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Jamie Michie is a Scottish actor who was cast to play Eddie in the 2022 comedy film Brian and Charles. 

Born in 1977 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the actor has also starred in films such as The Snowman (2017), In the Heart of the Sea (2015), and Outlaw King (2018).

Three years after he started a career in acting, he finally received his big break in 2006. 

Who Is Jamie Michie? Wikipedia Details

Jamie Michie is a 45-year-old Scottish actor best known for playing Dom alongside Daisy Haggard in both BBC and Showtime's Back to Life series. Despite his success as an actor, Michie is not listed on Wikipedia. 

The 5'10'' actor just finished filming Wedding Season, a brand new eight-part series for Disney+ in which he played James Donahue. He is currently shooting four episodes of Channel 4 drama Birth of Daniel F Harris, where he plays the character Mark. 

Jamie portrayed Steelshanks in HBO's smash hit Game of Thrones in Season 3. He's worked on 62 projects since launching his career in the entertainment sector in 2003.

Insight On Jamie Michie Wife & Daughter

Jamie Michie has been married to his wife for almost seven years, and they have a daughter together. The actor has not yet revealed the name of the love of his life. 

Father and daughter regularly go to a sauna together, and Michie treats her like his princess. The whole family dresses up in something goofy from time to time and spends quality time together. 


Michie hardly ever uploads a picture of his wife. On the other hand, Jamie regularly shares photos of his daughter on his Instagram handle @jimjamjay, where he has over 1.9K followers. 

It is not yet known how old his daughter is but based on the pictures, she looks to be five years old. 

Jamie Michie Net Worth

After being in the entertainment industry for almost two decades, Jamie Michie is expected to have accumulated a net worth of over $1 million. 

The actor is not likely to disclose his financial standing to the general public; however, he has been receiving steady work since 2013. Michie's first role was a Steward in one episode of the Footballers' Wives in 2003. 

Almost immediately after, he found another minor role as Private Lambert in one episode of Red Cap. Before ending the year, he was cast as Will in the TV Series Red Cap. 

His big break came in 2006 when he was featured in all six episodes of the 2006 TV Series Feel The Force as PC MacBean.