Who Is Martie Maguire? The Chicks Vocalist In Bonnaroo Music Festival 2022

Martie Maguire playing at SXSW in Texas in 2010 ( Source : En )

Martie Maguire, the lead vocalist of The Chicks, will be performing with her band tonight at the Bonnaroo Music Festival, and you can tell that the fans are excited about this news.

It has been quite some time since the alternative country band came out with a new album or performed on stage, which was sad for The Chicks fans.

So, here's a chance to see your favorite nostalgic band perform their new album at the Bonnaroo Music Festival today from 8:45 pm to 10 pm.

Who Is Martie Maguire?

You may know Martie Maguire from the 90's band Dixie Chicks. Martie is one of the founding members of the all-female alternative country band, which is now called The Chicks.

The singer's real name is Martha Elenor Maguire, but she goes by the name Martie in the music industry.

Born on 1969 October 12, the 52-year-old singer, along with her band mates, Natalie Maines and Emily Robinson, her band, The Chicks, is still making music and recently came out with their new album Gaslighter in 2020.

The American musician has always been interested in music ever since she was a kid and has won awards in National Fiddle Championships ever since she was a teenager.

In The Chicks, Martie has written and co-written many hits along with providing vocal harmony and backing vocals. The musician has mastered many instruments like mandolin, double bass, viola, and guitar.

Martie Maguire's Daughters & Family

Martie Maguire has a really supportive family, including her three daughters. The Chicks member gave birth to a set of fraternal twins and a beautiful daughter with her ex-husband Gareth Maguire.

Martie and her family at the Fair Market in 2016
Martie and her family at the Fair Market in 2016 ( Source : Austin )

She did have a stepson with her first husband. Her twin daughters, Eva Ruth Maguire, and Kathleen Katie' Emilie Maguire, were born on April 27, 2004, and her younger daughter Harper Rosie Maguire was born on July 25, 2008.

The twins appeared in their mother's band's documentary "Shut Up and Sing" in 2006.

Martie revealed her struggle with her pregnancy with her daughters and opened up about relying on IVF for her daughter's birth.

Does Martie Maguire Have A Boyfriend? Relationship History Revealed

Martie Maguire does not have a boyfriend right now. After her split with her ex-husband, Gareth Maguire, the singer has not revealed being in a relationship till now.

The musician was once married to Ted Seider, a pharmaceutical representative, in 1995, but after four years of marriage, the couple separated in 1999.

In 2001, Martie met Roman Catholic teacher and actor Gareth Maguire, and the two got married. Gareth was from Ireland, and the two got married in a small wedding ceremony due to VISA issues.

After 12 years of marriage, the two decided to go their separate ways, and the singer has even talked about her divorce and how they conveyed their feelings in their songs.

Martie Maguire Net Worth Details

According to Celebrity Net Worth, musician Martie Maguire has an estimated net worth of $40 million. The Chicks member has been active in the music industry since 1989 and earned great success as a part of the alternative country band.

Martie with her sister Emily in Laloopalooza
Martie with her sister Emily in Laloopalooza ( Source : Instagram )

Apart from being a part of the all-female band, she had also been a part of the country-bluegrass duo with her sister, Emily, called Court Yard Hounds.

In her 33 years of musical career, she has earned many awards and performed with her band in many concerts, so it is no new thing for her to have such a high net worth.