Who Is Mike Hickmon? Lancaster Texas Training Coach Gunned Down By Aqib Talib

Mike Hickmon, the football coach from Lancaster Texas has been shot down

Mike Hickmon was a football coach tragically murdered at a little league football game yesterday evening in Lancaster, Texas. We express our deepest condolences with thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, former teammates, and players of coach Hickmon.

Read further to learn about this horrific incident that took the football coach's life.

Who Is Mike Hickmon? Coach From Lancaster, Texas Gunned Down By Aqib Talib

Mike Hickmon was the football coach for the South East Dallas Wolverines who was shot by former NFL player and North Dallas United coach Yaqub Talib. He and his brother Aqib Talib led the team. Local fire department responders performed CPR on their way out of the field.

According to one parent, similar cases happen at unofficial events. To illustrate, while there are several instances of adults misbehaving during official competitions in youth sports, there is tight security to watch and control any violence. Whereas, in such informal games, the brutality tops.

According to reports, Talib was previously taken into custody for other causes in Dallas. Last season, even though numerous serious allegations against a coach, the Texas Rangers youth basketball program kept using him. 

Nevertheless, for this incident, the brother of Aqib Talib, Yaqub, has been reported to be the real murderer. Following the incident, umpires are also defecting in droves from regional associations. Parents reportedly follow some referees and umpires to their vehicles.

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Mike Hickmon Shooting Led To Murder

As shared on the video, we can watch how it seems like there is a dispute between coach Hickmon and Talib, and after a while, the gunshots are heard, leading to trauma in mass. The people training on the field ran after hearing the gunshots. 

While the initial blame was towards Aqib, the man wearing the bucket hat, we can watch someone else swinging like a cone or something at Mike. According to early testimony, Aqib did not murder the coach. The witnesses from the field are backing that it was Yaqub, the guy wearing a black hoodie, who allegedly fired the shots.

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Was Aqib Talib Arrested For Murdering Mike Hickmon?

According to reports, the Lancaster Police Department has not answered any calls since Sunday morning. But, there have been no arrests made yet. Aqib Talib is reported to be free.


One of the coaches confirmed that the news was honest and unfortunate. He stated that while Aqib was there; however, it was his brother Yaqub who pulled the trigger. The man was coaching his sons' team.

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