Who Is Musical Artist Emawk: Real Name & Age

Who Is Musical Artist Emawk: Real Name & Age

Emawk is an artist, songwriter, and producer born in Boston, raised in Kenya. Emawk Real Name and age is under wraps and his followers are eagerly waiting to know these details. Learn more about his girlfriend and tour.

Emawk is best known for his songs acouscous(2021), bayridge(2019), 18 (2018), Later (2019), tea (2019), whelmed (2019), Ambivalence (2018), Terms (2018), MKP (2021), Highroad (2021), All Luv (2018), vintage (2019), etc. Emawk used to sing in the R&B/Soul genre using the SVNSET WAVES record label. He has also revealed his album for ness in the year 2017.

Quick Facts:

Emawk Real Name,Age

Emawk has not revealed his real name in public yet. However, his fans are desperately waiting to know his exact name.

Emawk age has not been revealed yet.

Emawk seems that he is running somewhere in his twenties as per his image that he has shared on his social media platforms.

Emawk Girlfriend

Emawk has not disclosed his love life and the name of his Girlfriend in public yet. 

Emawk Tour

Emawk has not planned any events these days festival. However, you can buy his Void(2018) and for ness on amazon(2017).

Emawk Social media Presence

Emawk has got a strong presence on most social media platforms.  He has got more than 10.9k followers on Instagram. His Instagram id is registered under username @emawk8. 

Emawk is also present on Twitter under the username @emawk8. He has got more than 1.4k followers and has shared more than 3 hundred tweets among his fans.

Emawk Songs, Albums

Emawk has released dozens of songs. Some of his popular songs are Acouscous (2021), bayridge(2019), Later (2019), MKP (2021), Highroad (2021), vintage (2019), someone (2017), Beads (2021), Pilot (2020), Yet (2021), everyone (2017), etc. 

Emawk has also released an album name for ness in the year 2017 which increased his popularity among his fans.