Who Is Mychelle Williams? Miles Bridges Abuse As Video Surfaces On Twitter

Miles Bridges and Mychelle Johnson seen together at an NBA match.

Mychelle Williams is the wife of NBA star Miles Bridges. She has become a recent victim of domestic violence.

Williams has shared some of her photos on Instagram, which showed she suffered a severe concussion after getting abused by Bridges.

Who Is Mychelle Williams? 

Mychelle Williams, the wife of Miles Bridges, is an influencer. She has made her career out of the fashion and fitness industry.

On Instagram, Williams is active with the handle name @thechelleyj. She has a total of 52.4 thousand followers on the platform.

Besides Instagram, she is also available on Tiktok and has amassed a total of 2131 followers.

Williams is the mother of two young children; Ace Miles and Aliyah Marie Miles. On her social media bio, she has mentioned being a Virgo.

Mychelle Williams' Son Discloses Details About Abuse On A Twitter Video

Mychelle Williams' son has stated about the abuse his mother received.

In a clip shared on Twitter, the poor little boy states that his mother was choked by his father. His voice can be clearly heard saying: " Daddy choked mommy". Moreover, he also confirms that his parents had a fight. 

After the circulation of the video, netizens revolted against Miles Bridges. They want him to be banned forever from the NBA. 

Meanwhile, Miles had also turned himself down to the LA police on Wednesday. He is now charged with felony domestic violence charges.

TMZ has reported that Miles was released on bail set worth $130,000 shortly after. 

Miles Bridges' Wife Photos After Alleged Abuse

Mychelle Williams has shared photographs and commented on the allegations of abuse hanging over her husband.

In the photos, we can clearly see that she has suffered a fractured nose and wrist, torn ear drum and neck muscle, and concussion. Her face has swollen completely and she seemed very unrecognizable. 

Williams has also shared her diagnosis report and discharge information. In the paper, it has been written that "Adult victim of physical abuse by a male partner; Assault by strangulation; Brain Concussion; Close fracture in the nasal bone; Concussion in the ribs; multiple bruises; the strain of the neck".

The wife of Miles Bridges had remained silent for years. However, she is now raising her voice against her abuse.

Williams says: "I hate that it has come to this but I can't be silent anymore," She also wrote:  "I've allowed someone to destroy my home, abuse me in every way possible and traumatize our kids for life."